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I caught wind about this group that is hiring experienced nurses to work privately inside the hospital. You know...for the exclusively rich and/or critical patients who wants one-on-one care. Can... Read More

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    Hi guys..
    I am also interested to become a PDN..
    I just want to ask if I can use my experience as a training nurse/ volunteer nurse to join your group.

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    Hello Casta RN, I am also interested to work as a PDN, I have 5 years experience as a staff nurse in one of the tertiary hospitals in our country. Kindly PM me the details. Thank you so much!
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    I'm new here... I'm also interested in working as PDN. Please PM me with info, please please. THANK YOU!
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    i know someone who works there as a PDN, and as far as we are concerned, the salary that was posted on the previous post is not as is, i mean PDN's rate is a fixed one, plus night differential etc, but they also need to give a specified amount "per day" to their association (SLMC PDN's Assoc) and it will be deducted to their daily rate, but one thing is for sure, the amount that will remain in your pocket if you're one of them would be a far far from minimum.
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    hello castarn,

    i am interested with the PDN position.. can i have the contact info.. i was assigned @ post anesthesia care unit for a year @ AFPMC..
    kindly help me please.. thanks..
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    I really like to apply as pdn, I am icu nurse, I've worked for 11 years abroad, this time I really want to work here. Can you help me for this job offer? Thank you.
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    is there vacancies for SLMC PDN?
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    Hi, good day,
    Im interested to apply as PDN NURSE i dont know where to apply , i just finished my contract in K.S.A for 11 years

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