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Hi everyone! :wavey: Just want to ask if there's anyone out there who has an idea if Medical City is currently accepting applicants? Or if their schedule for trainings is ongoing? I wanted to follow... Read More

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    are u done with ur final interview jasper?
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    not yet....i havent even taken their exam yet....
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    I went to the HR department of Medical City last month. They just asked me to sign up on the log sheet with my name, age, contact number and board rating. I also thought it was just a bluff and that they are not really interested in hiring new nurses.. but then, after a month they texted me and said that I'm scheduled to have my pre-employment exam (that's exactly what the txt said) on thursday.

    Does anyone of you who have undergone this exam? Can u please give me some ideas on the coverage of the exam? Is it merely a clinical exam or sort of like an IQ test???.. Thanks in advance
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    hi julagz.. i hope you dont mind..i just wanna know what is your board rating?
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    Please tell me how to goto medical city?? what is the nearest Mrt station?? Thank you
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    Quote from jidousha
    hi julagz.. i hope you dont mind..i just wanna know what is your board rating?
    Yeah julagz, whats your bord rating? I also logged my name there last Jan. but I did not receive any text or call from them maybe its because of my board rating. I'm planning to go there this week and try my luck again.
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    May i know nurse julagz if you were referred by anyone there? How was the exam?
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    sorry for the late reply guys.. for those who were asking if I was referred by anyone, the answer is no. I do not know anyone from Medical City. Same as you, I just wrote my name, age, board rating on their logsheet. My board rating is 80+..
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    Can anyone please post how to go/commute to The Medical City? I will be coming from EDSA via MRT. Thanks!
    I will try my luck, I dont know my chances. I hope they will accept my board rating.
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    @julagz: may i know from what school did you graduate? i also went at tmc last january, signed up with their log sheet for applicants and have a board rating of 80+ too... i haven't receive any text or call from them. maybe its because i'm just a graduate of a not so famous nursing school...
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    hello nurses!

    I went to TMC last week and just recently received a call from them, i was scheduled for an exam after holy week. I just want to ask on how was the test like?. any tips? and the interview too.

    The HR said that one tower with 15 floors will open this June or July. (so they really in need of nurses)
    and it is not true about the "backer" thing.

    me too I am not a graduate from a famous school and my board rating was only 76 .

    try to apply and log on the sheets again.
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    Is it advisable to log in again? I went there last March 10, until now I haven't received a call yet. I got a board rating higher than 80 but ..i'm a second courser and came from a not so famous school. I hope they will run through the sheets again .. ;-)

    congrats anna0506! hope you make it!
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    @Anna0506: Good luck on your upcoming exam! May I know when did you went there fore the registration? I hope I'll be receiving the same message they sent you soon. Hay.. Let's keep our hopes high my fellow nurses.