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Hi everyone! :wavey: Just want to ask if there's anyone out there who has an idea if Medical City is currently accepting applicants? Or if their schedule for trainings is ongoing? I wanted to follow up my application there.. I... Read More

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    when will be the start of january batch of trainees?has anyone here been called?

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    just called medical city..the january batch of trainees already started..
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    hi everyone. are they still accepting applicants?im planning to go there by monday.
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    when will be the next batch? since the batch had started =(
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    i want to know when will the next training start as well and how many months do you have to train do they have training every month? or they just open randomly? and do we have to pay for the trainings?
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    anyone knows, how is the screening process in the medical city to be one of their trainees.. thnx for ur reply
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    oh, i believe it was just a bluff. TMC don't really entertain walk in applicants.
    You will need somebody in the HRD or nursing service to have a slot for training
    or examination. They are just giving false hopes.. sorry to say.
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    @ eosinophil.
    how long did your friend wait, for the training after the final interview?
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    Still waiting for their's been 3 weeks now...
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    are u done with ur final interview jasper?

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