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I am so confused, what will i do? :cry: i have applied last march 2012 for the pre-employment training of SLMC but i was not contacted thereafter, i assumed that i failed the exam and did not bother about my application. last... Read More

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    Quote from pjmRN
    rnbyprof, if that's the case, then I think NSET comes first before filling in a vacancy
    It appears to me that you seem very well-informed, sir. Do you know how long does the NSET training take?
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    hi! im from batch 13-04! when i registered for pgnt, we were told that we'll start on april 2013. but because of what i have read, looks like our batch will start around may 2013.. waaaa..
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    you guys got any news yet for 13-03? second week of april perhaps?
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    Hi guys, anyone who knows when will be the next orientation? And how many batches are there so far? Thank you
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    Hey dodoy if you may, could i ask you how much is the salary of a regular nurse at st lukes qc? Tnx
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    When does 13-04 start?
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    to sweetrn,

    its not that bad im still thrilled for u tho at least u know ul start real soon for sure i was wondering when did u pass ur pgnt app? did u wait for too long til u recvd an sms fr them. its been almost a month since i passed and still hvnt heard fr them im getting a little bit concerned.
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    Hi guys! When will PGNT Batch 5 commence?
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    As far as I know:

    Batch 1 - currently undergoing their NSET
    Batch 2 - Phase 3 (clinical duty)
    Batch 3 - Phase 2
    Batch 4 - will start their training soon. I think 2 weeks from now

    ems01, Batch 5 might start July or August.
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    Thank you pjmRN. According to St. Luke's QC DCA (Department of Clinical Advancement), For interested applicants: submission of resumes and other credentials for PGNT is temporarily CLOSED for this year. Meanwhile, St. Lukes GLOBAL is still accepting CVs for the next batch of PGNT.