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I am so confused, what will i do? :cry: i have applied last march 2012 for the pre-employment training of SLMC but i was not contacted thereafter, i assumed that i failed the exam and did not bother... Read More

  1. by   jong5244
    Quote from babygirlpatrice
    Hi jong5244! PGNT batch 13-03 here.
    Hello babygirlpatrice! Nice to hear from someone in 13-03 hehe. any gut-feeling or idea when will our training commence?
  2. by   bokbokbok
    after calling the DCA and asking when 13-03 could possibly start, this woman gave me her usual "sir, still no definite date, we'll inform you two days before it begins". but this in itself seemed very inadequate and I felt somewhat uneasy over the uncertainty of this statement so I insisted on an approximate date. what she told was it might start during the last week of march which I think is very unlikely due to holy week activties or first week of april which is more reasonable since batch 1 started last Jan. 31 then batch 2 followed last March 6. but then again please understand that this is on a give or take basis. if my calculations are correct batch 1 is 24 training days(excluding holidays and weekends) ahead of batch 2. for whatever my two cents are worth, i think we'll start on april 11, give or take a bit.

    but then again, i suck at math.
  3. by   pjmRN
    Hi bokbokbok, doing fine, thank you!

    We were texted a week before our first day so they might notify you guys soon, probably before our batch ends our 1st phase I think that would depend on the availability of classrooms that can be used for the training, and the instructors as well. Batch 12-04 will be starting their NSET very soon according to them, so there are 2 batches who are still undergoing PGNT (13-01 and 13-02).
  4. by   rnbyprof
    Hi! It was stated above that batch 12-04 will be starting their NSET soon. If ever they passed the NSET, will slmc-qc hire them right away or will they be under manpower pooling?
  5. by   pjmRN
    Here's the process of SLMCQC's training/hiring of nurses based on what they told us:
    1. PGNT Phase 1-3 (Evaluated based on performance and recommendation; 3 months; Evaluated every after phase before proceeding to the next one)
    2. If you passed the PGNT (meaning you got satisfactory grades and recommendation), they will endorse you for interview with the managers.
    3. Once you passed the interview, they will now endorse you for the physical/medical exam. They are strict with the BMI (should be normal) and those with high blood pressure, and of course those who are not fit to work.
    4. PGNT + Interview + Medical Exam = NSET (Those who will undergo this training will be POSSIBLY for hiring)
    5. After finishing the NSET, contract signing and you will then be a probee.

    They said that hiring will depend on the vacancies in the units, I'm not sure if NSET comes first before filling in a vacancy or vice versa
  6. by   rnbyprof
    Oh i see.. well some say that even if you passed the nset, you still have to wait for at most 3mos. before slmc will contact you.. oh well lets all hope for the best. Thanks
  7. by   pjmRN
    rnbyprof, if that's the case, then I think NSET comes first before filling in a vacancy
  8. by   libogando
    Quote from pjmRN
    rnbyprof, if that's the case, then I think NSET comes first before filling in a vacancy
    It appears to me that you seem very well-informed, sir. Do you know how long does the NSET training take?
  9. by   sweetrn07
    hi! im from batch 13-04! when i registered for pgnt, we were told that we'll start on april 2013. but because of what i have read, looks like our batch will start around may 2013.. waaaa..
  10. by   libogando
    you guys got any news yet for 13-03? second week of april perhaps?
  11. by   rnbyprof
    Hi guys, anyone who knows when will be the next orientation? And how many batches are there so far? Thank you
  12. by   deathproof24
    Hey dodoy if you may, could i ask you how much is the salary of a regular nurse at st lukes qc? Tnx
  13. by   katawang_pangromansa
    When does 13-04 start?

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