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RN Heals or AFP RN Residency - page 2

Hello nurses. I am so confused right now. I applied in RN Heals and passed as well as in AFP RN Residency and both will start next year. If you are in my situation, what will you choose?... Read More

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    Quote from mikeru22
    Too bad, I took that bloody exam 2 years ago and was very discouraged because I didn't make it but God has a different plan for me. Good luck nurses.
    you should take it again
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    Quote from sheateman
    you should take it again
    Yay, I would love to but I am currently deployed as a psychiatric nurse trainee at NCMH under RN HEALS which means that I can be given an item (staff nurse position) within or after the 1-year training. I would definitely opt to stay working at NCMH given that opportunity.
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    May I know the requirements for applying with NCMH's Psych Nursing Training Program? When does it usually start and do you have any tips that would help ease me into the program? Appreciate any reply.