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Hello there. Im a fresh RN and no license yet. But im scheduled to get it on the last week of November. I just wanna know if I still have to wait to have my prc license on my hand before I can pass the requirements for RN heals... Read More

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    Quote from ems01
    Hi! Me and boyfriend passed our credentials last Oct 1. We are both scheduled for an exam. When did you pass yours?
    I passed mine last October 8. Hopefully there are still other batch for the exam. Good luck

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    Can i ask what are the requirements for NCH? i went there and it seems i lack something. Hahaha!
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    Hi! Can I ask if the RMMC your referring is the Rizal MEdical Center located at Pasig? Are they open for RnHeals 4? Thanks
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    Quote from random1025
    Hi! Can I ask if the RMMC your referring is the Rizal MEdical Center located at Pasig? Are they open for RnHeals 4? Thanks
    Yes, that's it. RMMC stands for Rizal Memorial Medical Center in Pasig. They are accepting applicants as well for RN Heals 4. Just make sure that you have a certified copy of the following: board rating with breakdown, prc license and IVT card. You also need to create an application letter addressed to the Medical Director and Chief nurse, photocopy of PNA ID, accomplished RN Heals form and Resume. I think they are open for application until November 29. You may want to call them as well to verify if they are still accepting applicants for the program.
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    guys! ************? Tips *******. thanks. ************** questions ?
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    Yes, pedia it is. Type of test is MC and computation.
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    Quote from zxcvbnm_116207
    guys! ******?
    zxcvbnm_116207, English Only please.
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    The Neuro Psychiatric exam for National Center for Mental Health was bloody. There were different sets and it's kinda tedious because it was a pen and paper type of exam.
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    Dear colleagues, what happened to your RN Heals 4 application, I already took the NP exam at NCMH last week. The last day of screening is November 29. I hope and pray that everything goes well with regards to our RN Heals 4 application. God bless us all.
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    Am still waiting, and hoping, for NCH to notify me. am not sure up until when should i wait. Hahaha they told us that by the end of november they will already send text messages but i heard that they still have screening exams as of the other day meaning they are still on the process of screening the examiners. Goodluck to all of us, God bless!

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