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hi. i would just like to ask if QC Gen. is accepting nurses for training or volunteer work. i'm from quezon city. i just finished my training in quirino memorial medical center last july, and i'm still waiting for their call... Read More

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    yes the result are out guys, the orientation will be on July 25, 9:00am at SB hall (where you took the exam) with complete white uniform.

    im just wondering... whats the use of the other list of names under the list of the passers? any one knows??
    plss share..

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    Hi guys me and my 5 friends also passed the exam .. the orientation is on the 25th of july 9am congrats also for those who passed the exam
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    We passed the qualifying exam. What are the next steps? And how much is the training fee? Are we going to pay on the day of orientation? To those who underwent training in QCGH, please give us tips. Thank you!
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    luckily, i passed too.. :spin: .. but i'm also wondering why they made that list.... maybe those are the trainees who passed the examination, but still, with incomplete requirements.. *i hope* .. See you on the 25th Nurses.. Godbless Us!..
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    me too i passed!congrats to all!!!:>
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    just a reminder to post only in English, I have deleted a post that was in Tagalog
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    how much is the payment for the training?
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    Is there going to be payment for the training? I thought I heard there won't be any?
    Does anyone know how long will this training be? Thanks.
    I passed too and I'm kind of confused what to do. Will there be screening or interviews after the orientation?
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    yey! i passed the exam too congrats to those who passed also! see you on the 25th guys!!! good vibes and god bless!
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    do all of the exam passer for the nurse trainee have the same date of orientation??
    i hope the results are still posted..

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