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hi. i would just like to ask if QC Gen. is accepting nurses for training or volunteer work. i'm from quezon city. i just finished my training in quirino memorial medical center last july, and i'm... Read More

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    Quote from VOLUVEN,RN
    luckily, i passed too.. :spin: .. but i'm also wondering why they made that list.... maybe those are the trainees who passed the examination, but still, with incomplete requirements.. *i hope* .. See you on the 25th Nurses.. Godbless Us!..
    I passed the exam too. I was even able to attend the orientation yesterday. Duty starts on Aug. 1 til Feb.5, 2012. Shifts include 6AM-2PM, 2PM-10PM and 10PM-6AM. Training fee is Php 4,800.00 for 6months and Php 100.00 for the nameplate. (I'm just not sure if I'm going through with it because I also have other pending applications to hospitals near my current address and they're offering the training for free.) Anyway, I also felt that the list you were referring to are people with connections, backers or what-have-you so I was a bit disheartened. However, I learned from a very reliable source that the list consists of RNs who had not passed the exam but are still being considered anyway because the number of passers did not meet the quota the training office or the nursing service had set per batch. We were told there are 204/240 RNs for this batch, which may/may not include the absentees. People with "talents" are singled out from the batch because of the upcoming activities in the hospital. Good luck!
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    Are these still the requirements for QCGH: resume, xerox copy of: TOR, diploma, prc boardrating/certificate, prc license, certificates from seminars attended?
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    I just finished my training at QCGH and I must say, it was worth it. Good luck to all current trainees!
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    Hey guyS!, Do you know when will QCGH open for training again?? I'm interested yet, it's too late. It has commenced already.
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    hi humbledRN!

    do you know when will be the next schedule of training in QCGH?
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    hi nurses, is there any fee, with regards to the training at QCGH?
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    What if you have prior hospital experience? Do you think you can get a job in QCGH as a staff nurse?
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    Quote from iamjd
    hi humbledRN!

    do you know when will be the next schedule of training in QCGH?
    Hi iamJD, I would go there tomorrow to check if they would still entertain applications though the training has started already.. We're on the same path here. I'll keep you posted.
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    Quote from goggledeyefish
    hi nurses, is there any fee, with regards to the training at QCGH?
    Please read the old/previous posts.
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    any news XtianDeorRN?
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    I think by december qcgh will start accepting applicants for training.. our training is until february..
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    any updates at QCGH??
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    @ nice2knowyou

    how did you know that qcgh will accept applicants by december this year? is it confirmed? thanks