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Hi all does anyone from this forum have idea about the exam in Fressenius-Makati? I was told by the HR that the exam will be next week already, You might have ideas on the exam...please share..thanks... Read More

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    are they accepting applicants....... I have just taken my 6 months hospital experience as a nurse trainee. Will they accept my application?

    You need to have at least 1 year of bedside experience....
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    hi there!! is there an email address where i can send my application since i live 6 hours away from manila? or should it be personal? also, what are the documents that they require? thanku!
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    hi! does fressenius still accept applications? Thanks!
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    yes, they're still accepting resume. i went there last friday. my problem is that, only the guard on duty accepted my resume because they don't allow me to get inside. the guard told me that they'll just forward it to the HR and wait for their call. i wonder if they really forward it to HR. anyone, who has been there? and please share your experience. thanks!
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    called them today. the lady on the line said they're not hiring as of the moment.
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    Hi..... any updated info about Fresenius Makati? Are they currently accepting applicants for HD Nurse? Thanks =)
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    Hello guys, I'm wondering what are the process of application to Fresenius Medical Care? If I already got a month of dialysis training from other dialysis company will I have the edge for qualification?Thank you!