Processing of License - Nurse Registration

    Duly Accomplished Form or Panuniimpa ng Propcsyonal
    Community Tax Certificate (current)
    2 pieces passport size picture (colored with white background am complete nametag)
    1 piece l" x l" picture (colored with white background and complete nametag)
    2 sets of metered documentary stamps
    1 short brown envelope (with name and profession)
    - Initial Registration P 600.00
    - Annual Registration Fee P 450.00 (for 2010-2013)

    Initial Registration
    Secure Oath Form and Application for (1) certification of Board Ratings with seal & (2) Certification for passing the boards.

    1. Secure Oath Form at Window F, basta the Window at the right side upon entering the PRC Office, and fill it up.

    2.Fall in line for documentary stamp.
    3. Notary 2nd Floor Main Building. >> pag-akyat Right Side dulo P50.00 (MEANWHILE, you can now apply for the Certificates)
    4. Give NOA at Window H or G for rating Verification.
    5. They are going to ask you if you want to claim your certificates via (1) EXPRESS (2) ORDINARY
    6. Cashier then pay. *** Check for the Instructions written at the back of the form J
    7. Claim the Certificates @Window K (ORDINARY) @Window A (EXPRESS)
    8. For (Express) Wait for an hour ; For (Ordinary) claim it after 5-7 days/1 week
    9. After claiming the certificates fall in line again for the documentary stamp. Both certificates should have stamps otherwise it won't be useful.
    10. For (EXPRESS) P200.00 each

    - Secure for the yellow form @Window H/G and fill it up.

    For (ORDINARY) P75.00 each

    - Secure for the white form @Window F/ Window at the right side upon entering the PRC Office and fill it up.


    After having your Oath Form with you, you are now ready for - NURSE REGISTRATION/ Application for PRC ID.

    1. PRC will release in their official website the lieu/venue for your PRC ID application/Registration.
    2. And the Scheduled Date - when are you going to Register.
    3. The guard will ask you to bring out your NOA.*** It would a lot be better if you go there during afternoon, rest assured pacing is faster unlike morning tons and tons of people will swarm the place.
    4. You'll be falling in line for claiming "the ID type you filled up during the Application for Board Exam."
    5. After having it with you, you'll fall in line again for the payment P600 intial and P450 ---.
    6. Right after you've paid, you'll fall in line one more time for the filling up for your PRC ID.
    7. A slip will be given to you on when can you claim your PRC ID. the end..........
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  3. by   ZiggysGal,LVN
    What is this in reference to?
  4. by   MiraLaccay
    in reference to the next thing you must do after learning you've passed the NLE-Board exam. I'm just giving an insight from the step by step I had when I had my PRC license processed. i hope this post can help out those NLE july 2011 passers.
  5. by   ZiggysGal,LVN
    NLE board exam, according to a quick google search... In the Phillipines?

    Never heard of any of this. Dang, I thought the TXBoN stuff was lengthy. Makes me appreciate the process I have to go through a little more.
  6. by   MiraLaccay
    Yes, Processing of License here in the PH (Local License). It is indeed a long long process.
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Since this pertains to the Philippines only, I'm moving it to the Philippine Nursing forum.
  8. by   ThomasinaBaier
    Interesting commentary . I was enlightened by the info ! Does anyone know where my company could get ahold of a sample a form form to complete ?