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hello friends, i went to poea last wednesday to pass my requirements. they told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?... Read More

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    Hi i'm also from zamboanga do you have any news about the date of delegation?
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    Id like to ask if needed 2 signatures from the medical director and chief nurse COE SRO reqmnt?
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    helo!anyone knows delegation ds 2014?
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    When will be the next delegation this 2014? Is it after ramadan?
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    hi! just want to ask *** may na interview *** last week ****? ***** august 22, 2014, *********** Letter of Appointment? ****************this Sept. first week ****************... still hanging by a thread...

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    Hi guys. Who passed August 3-7 2015 SRO delegation here?? Is it true after 1 month since you passed the interview you will have your flight ticket already from SRO?? Or the 1month they are saying will start only from the time you are finished with medical and submission of all documents to SRO and POEA??
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    HI! can anybody advice me about the departure slip that the sro will give. how many months will it take for me to recieve it? I'm under KSMC riyadh batch december 2015. Thank you
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    Good day
    May I ask the schedule of delegation ? for employment
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    Can somebody tell me pls if noc stil required for ex saudis for poea application