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I am a US citizen who is thinking of enrolling in the Philipine PAramedical and Technical School ASN RN program, where the theory is done online, but I have to go back to the philippine for the clinical portion. The curriculum is... Read More

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    I graduated of PPTS 2008 and working as RN here in US since 2009. Both in Hospital and as Home health Nurse.

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    what about clinicals? did she have to travel there to complete?
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    I took my ASN at PPTS in Iloilo. I had my credentials evaluated by CGFNS last year and was downgraded to LPN. Other people who used CGFNS in my school prior to February 2010 were able get RN evaluation from CGFNS. People I know from the same school received LPN evals after that date including me. I took NCLEX-PN and now a licensed in New Mexico. I tried applying for reciprocity in NY but they denied my application because TESDA does not grant us a professional license. They told me to go back to school. I don't want to go back to school anymore. Are there states that do not check credentials after passing NCLEX? NY checks again even if you are already licensed.

    I would to like ask Capt2RN. Where did you have your credentials evaluated? Did you also use CGFNS or an agency in Florida? I would like to use a different evaluation agency to get a RN evaluation from my ASN degree. Any advice?
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    You need to finish your clinical classes in the Philippines.

  5. 0 a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services), This is where i got my credentialing for ASN back in 2008. never got CGFNS eval yet (expensive)
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    PPTS campuses in Davao, Cebu etc are operated as franchises I believe so they are independent from each other.

    Any credits at TESDA regulated schools are considered vocational and are not transferable to US colleges, LPN coursework in the US is not transferable to RN programs either.
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    Has your wife completed the program? I am very interested in this school, so I'd like to see if she was satisfied with the PPTS Davao program.
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    My wife just had a baby here in the US so returning for the clinical part of the program really isn't practical but her sister is still in the program there and likes it and is doing well. Her sister says there are a lot of Phil-ams who are in the program, US tuition is much higher and many schools in US have long waiting lists. She says some of the second generation Phil-ams only know Englisn, no Tagalog or Cebuano.
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    Congratulations on baby! So your sister-in-law is there now? She completed the PPTS Davao online program and is finishing up with her clinicals ? The clinical part is 2-3 months correct? I would just like some feedback from someone who is currently in the program or has recently completed.

    I appreciate your prompt reply.
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    My sister in law did two semesters online and is now in Davao attending live classes (3rd semester) and has done some clinical work in a variety of locations in Davao area. She has enjoyed it so far.

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