hi..can i ask somebody here, have an idea about the training in ospital ng maynila or anybody who have been an experiences there.please share your experiences:)..sharing your experience is very much appreciated.thanks... Read More

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    hi everyone!!!

    guys is there anyone who knows a room for rent near ospital ng maynila,,walking dstance preferably?

    anyways,,anybody here who is going to start their training on october???
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    hey chowkie. how long did you wait after you applied to get into that hospital?
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    Quote from mrmiyagi
    hey chowkie. how long did you wait after you applied to get into that hospital?

    It took me a month before i got accepted.

    Guys,anybody who has an idea on what kind,the scope,number of items of exam do they give on entru nurse?
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    hi can someone PM the contact number of Osp ng maynila.. tenks... I passed my requirements last aug 2009
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    i passed local nursing licensure exam and nclex. i want to work there because it's very near where i'm staying. i still haven't had any basic IVT or BLS training. can i apply without thoses basic training certificates?
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    hi! does anybody know the sched for the next batch of volunteer nurses? how long do i have to wait to be scheduled for the training program? do i have to be a volunteer in order to get hired or could i simply apply as a staff nurse? hope any of you could answer my querries.... thanx!
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    hi everyone! cn i ask somebody here who had undergone the volunteer program in Ospital ng Maynila? and wat are the things that a volunteer are allowed to do? kindly share your experiences..thank you=)
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    Hmmm. Where is this hospital? I'm from Quezon City.
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    Hi good day may i ask if they are still hiring as of now? thanks for the reply ;-)
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    They're still accepting trainees.. Mybe because it's for 2 mos only. But because many have applied there especially june 2009 passer, your applications might be prolonged..

    Mine, I passed my credentials last august, but until now its not yet approve.. tick tock tick tock.....

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