Observations on Filipinos abroad! - page 9

I've been to the US several times as a tourist and have observed some noticeable things about my fellow countrymen. 1. We now realized the difference between the red, amber, and green lights. 2. We also began to... Read More

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    [quote=sundaebrain;2510229]hahaha! dat's so true! me too! I'm such a big fan of flea markets!

    Anyone also experienced that time in the airplane, when the announcement goes, "We'll be landing in Manila soon" or something like that, all the people in the airplane clap and rejoice...

    Hik Hik Hik!!! the clappings and allelujah!!! I experienced that while onboard saudia airlines...!!! that was my first flight home working from saudi arabia. I think that was funny while I myself was sitting quietly in one corner and my tears fell, as in really fell as soon as the plane touched the NAIA ground!!!oh boyy! that was a very different feeling!

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