A nursing student fresh graduate needs help regarding review center

  1. Good day to everyone...

    I'm a fresh graduate from saint mary's university here in bayombong nueva vizcaya. I just finished my BSN course with the help of my CHED scholar. I planned to have my review course and will take my exam this December 2011; however, my parents could not afford my review course... I'm planning to review on my own but i don't have any books available because I have only used the books in our library since then...

    I would like to know if there are available review centers in Manila and Baguio who offers free review course or scholarships to financially incapable students... I'm willing to take any examinations or any exams just to be able to enter a review course...


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  3. by   suzakucarl
    Well, I heard that some review centers offer discounts if you belong to the top of your batch in school or a very high ranking in your school. Usually if you're magna cum laude or you belong to the top 10th percentile in your school. They want to get smart reviewees to further increase the passing rate of the review center in the board exam and as well as to boast their review center if the smart reviewees top the boards. This is probably the main reason why some review centers will offer discounts to high achieving students. Probably just discounts. I doubt they will offer review for free since review centers nowadays especially in manila are charging soooo much money.

    Just to share to you. I am also having problems with finance/money. And when I learned review centers cost soooo much, I decided not to have one anymore. I just reviewed by myself at home (self-review).

    And after all the hardwork, I was able to pass the board exam as a topnotcher without needing to spend any money at all.

    It's actually up to you if you want to self-review or pay the review center to review you. If you feel like you already learned many things in college and would want to review and just polish these knowledge in your head, then a self-review would be sufficient, provided of course there is discipline on your part. If you feel like you learned almost nothing at college or just forgot everything, then a review center may be helpful to cram the concepts in a short time. It's actually up to you, whichever you think is right for you.

    But the bottomline is it depends on you whether you will pass, not the review center. My opinion is that, the review center will really boost your confidence, but in terms of knowledge, I think it would be the same with self-review since the review center will just teach you things that are already found in books.

    If you're worried about books, don't worry about it much, you don't need many books. All I had were my class notes, Saunders Review Book, and the PHN Book. I only had my notes and 2 books. That's it.

    Based on the exam that I took in the year 2010. Not all the answers are directly found in the books. Probably only 25% of the questions were knowledge-based or simple recall. The other 75% are application questions or practical questions in a form of an actual situation or a hypothetical scenario, which will greatly put to the test how you think and how you respond.
  4. by   helloimDee
    If you can reach 10 posts, PM me your email. I'll try to search my online files for the review hand-outs I used (if you have free access to internet 24/7) or if not ... I'll send you a review book for NLE.
  5. by   redwing2024
    Thanks for you're replies...

    Ahm... I'm not one of the top 10 in our batch and I can't say I really excelled well on my class in college. I'm also a working student since 2nd year. I've been an honor student since grade school to secondary and for the first 2 years of my college I've been on the top. I have been a half scholar grantee and a dean's lister for 2 consecutive years But when I started working, It's hard for me to concentrate on my studies... But I believe that passing the board exam or even topping the board exam does not necessarily depend on what honors you've gained in your past studies...

    I told my parent's to self study and just take my part time job but they disagreed. They told me that I need to have my review and they'll try to find some money at all means. Well, I kept my mouth shut and never defend myself because I also doubt if I could really pass the board exam by myself.

    Right now, I'm thinking of what should I do. I need to decide or something just like that.
  6. by   spongebob6286
    i salute those working students who still manage to get good grades. i admire their perseverance, hard work and dedication. keep it up. with God's grace, may all your dreams come true.
  7. by   redwing2024
    ...God and my family are my strength. They are my reason for pursuing my dreams. I know that we are not born with same life status, some are rich and some are poor. Maybe God has a reason for putting me in a place where He wanted me to be. I'll keep all my faith in Him and may He lead me to a place where He always wanted me to be.... THNX..
  8. by   filipinoRNMAN



    here are some links that you can use as a reference for your review =)

    i used to review at PENTAGON (the royal pentagon review specialist)

    and i learned so much from them,

    and i know they helped me pass the local board exams =)

    but still its up to the:

    students capabilities

    the BONs answer to the questions that will be released in the exam

    the manner of shading

    how the machine will read your answers =)

    Passing the exam is a students LUCK =)

    Just dont forget to pray alot and do your part as a student, to study and strive harder =)
  9. by   filipinoRNMAN
    and you could try visiting the fan page of the review center =) and express on their walls about your situation =) they might help you out =)
  10. by   spongebob6286
    i hope some review centers will give out big discounts on deserving students. theres no such thing as "free" anymore
  11. by   marvsxxix
    there are review centers who have a referral program, like P500 off for every referral, have 20 of your classmates put you as a referee and you get P10,000 off from your review class
  12. by   joshypototoy
    1 million kudos for you!!! money aint nothin compare to a hardwoking and dedicated student like you...! let me share this i think there's a lot philippine nurses blog out there that have a review and Q/A materials it can help you alot but most of all dont forget the DIVINE INTERVENTION!

  13. by   redwing2024
    Thanks for your reply guys... I'm sorry for my late reply because I've been so busy this passing days. I'm trying to finish all my cases and other requirements for clearance...

    I just went to our "baryo" last May 6-11. I went to my cousin's house who is also a nursing graduate and a registered nurse since 2010. Her mother, my Aunt, gave me some of her reading materials and test questionnaires she used during her review in Baguio. She also gave me her daughter's notebooks... I actually don't have any notebooks right now, it's just because I'm not fund on taking notes, I just can't right legibly...

    I hope all this materials will be useful in my review...
  14. by   chocoberry
    Hi helloimDee! If you will let me, can I also have have a copy? Thanks and God bless!

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