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So, I am interested in taking up Nursing in the Philippines, however, I do not wish to go through minor subjects again. I am looking for a decent enough school which has an accelerated program, wherein I am able to finish my... Read More

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    Quote from may85

    I would like to ask if somebody out there knows what to do or what the requirements are to pursue nursing in the Philippines. I am a green card holder and I originally from the Philippines with a degree of Education and I want to pursue a nursing career and don't want to wait a year or two to be able to get in the nursing school in the State of Florida, because all institution are full for a year. My question's are I am allowed to stay outside the US since I am a green card holder? Will it affect my status? And is the nursing program will be credited to the US when I come back after graduation because I want to work in the US? Please advice I need help. Thanks.
    I was a greencard holder too when I decided to go back and study BSN in the Philippines. My advice is as follows:
    1. Secure a REENTRY PERMIT from the INS (about $300) good for 2 years stay in the Philippines without being questioned by the INS "why you stayed too long in the Philippines".
    2. Enrol in DCLC (Dr. Carlos Lanting College). This college offers the best and the cheapest BSN second courser course. I took my BSN from 2009 to 2011 , graduated March 2011, passed my NCLEX Oct. 2011(just for the first time) and currently employed in a hospital in Florida (mind you, NOT a nursing home). I was hired immediately after the interview. The nurse manager was very impressed with my answers to her questions. That was how confident I was with my knowledge learned from that school.
    3. Back to the school, DCLC offers the best hospitals for clinical training. (Fabella for OB, Orthopedic Hospital for surg-ortho etc. You can never ask for more.
    4. The faculty and staff at DCLC are very helpful to foreign students. They find a way to accomodate your schedule. Classes are from Mondays to Sundays. Just imagine that ! I tell you it is the best school.
    5. The accelerated BSN program (1 year program) in FL will cost you around $70 to $80 thousand dollars. I spent a total of $30 thousand and that included airfares 4X.
    Goodluck and you made the right decision to study in the Philippines and hoping you study at DCLC.

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    Hi does anyone know how long it's gonna take for a US citizen with no previous degree to finish a BSN in the Philippines? is it gonna take 4 years? what if he already took a bunch of pre-reqs in the states such as AP, micro, english, etc etc.. are those classes gonna be credited?
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    hello flnurse11,

    congratulations on your achievements!!

    i have been looking into nursing schools in the philippines as well. i am a lvn in ca and a green card holder as well.

    my friend has been telling me about cebu doctor's university. have you or anyone heard about this university? any info would be great!

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