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I hope this thread will help Nurses that is seeking for information regarding different trainings in hospital.... so what are you waiting for Start blogging now my fellow nurses.... any Info will do... Read More

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    when is the next training at World Citi, how many months is the said 10k training and do we have to leave the requirements at the security guard or go straight to the nurse training office?

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    Quote from prongs
    hi guys, how do i go to Gat Andres Hospital coming from Tayuman? Thanks!!!
    Help me on this guys but to go to Gat Andres you have to ride the jeep going to QUIAPO PIER/BIR. Once you reach your destination (BIR), get off the jeep and ride another jeep that's waiting nearby. Ask the driver to drop you off at Gat Andres, most prominent section of it is its ER. Fare is Php7. Be extremely careful though because since it's the -Ber months, I had a friend who became a victim of a hold-up in this same area.
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    Quote from sugarplum18RN
    Hey perplexity, any news from Infant Jesus? I took their exam on Sept. 22 and was told that the results will be out on Oct.15. I hate the essay part, computations are okay since I got to study it the night before. This is so frustrating!
    Hi, my exam is on thursday. Do i need to wear white uniform? I forgot to ask hr department... Thanks!
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    about infant jesus, are they going to make you take the entrance test on the day you submitted you resume? or will they schedule it on another day?
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    amang rodriguez -- close for the training
    world citi ----- close for the training
    qcgh---- nov passing of requirement
    nkti----nov passing of requirements
    lcp--- nov passing of requirements
    fe del mundo -- close for training
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    Quote from Enigmagurl
    Any updates in st. Lukes.,? Thanks...
    went there a few days ago.. a sign on the door says not accepting resumes (or something like that) due to the bulk of credentials they already have for processing..
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    went to taguig city hospital yesterday, and the chief nurse said they are in need of nurses and gave me this list of requirements:
    voter's id
    recommendation from the brgy. captain (so i guess, you have to be from taguig..*sad for me*)
    prc licence
    board certificate
    board rating
    good moral character
    ivt cert
    bls cert
    rle record
    cert of employment

    ..i'm from pasig but will still give it a try..

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    went to vrp also yesterday..
    all your documents must be CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES with dry seal of school or notary..
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    biancs, for infant Jesus, they will schedule the exam on another day... requirements are, if i remember correctly, photocopies of TOR, BLS, IVT cert, SSS, board rating, 1 2x2 picture and your resume.
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    hi guyz i went to pgh last friday and they said that they distributing deans form on october 6

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