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  1. by   markjohn
    Is Taguig Hospital a tertiary or secondary ?
  2. by   perplexity
    i went to metropolitan medical center awhile ago and the hr there just got my credentials. the hr is located at the 4th floor,same room as the marine is the room in front of the elevator. i also went awhile at infant jesus but told me that they are not accepting applications for today since they were celebrating something.well, that really sucks because i came from las pinas and i wasted my effort for the guard told me to just come back tom,tuesday. then i went to chinese general hospital since i thought there was an opening there. the hr asked me if i was a graduate of their school and i said no. so she told me she wouldnt be needing my credentials since im not a grad of their school. not wanting my efforts to be wasted i asked if i could just leave my papers even just for manpooling but still she said there is my day's account on my job hunting.any other hospitals that you think are hiring?please still post.thanx fellow nurses.
  3. by   xtiNastic0201
    Hi!! try applying in capitol medical center..theuy just have this cut off board rate of 78 and above..
    just bring all your supporting documents just in case..
    i passed my resume last week of august..the hr told me to wait for their still waiting..
    goodluck to all of us..
  4. by   xtiNastic0201
    try capitol medical center..
  5. by   sugarplum18PH&USRN
    Whew! Just disappeared for a few days and I have really missed a lot. Really sorry for the late response. Just got back from QMMC. I was quite confident with my answers. My hands ached because of those TEN essays.

    I am "deeply offended" because I am no longer in the kudos list. I hope it's just a simple error. You're forgiven.

    @newmeeh (did I spell your username correctly?)
    Fe Del Mundo requirements? I was told by a dear friend that I should only leave the resume to the security guard. Just to be really sure, I passed photocopies of PRC ID, board rating, average, board certificate (if available), TOR, diploma, RLE, training & seminar certificates. I did it last September 8, 2010. I even wrote the last name of the guard in my tickler just in case (Mr. Toledo) he didn't do what he says.

    I believe Project RMC of RMC (redundant? ) is just training. There's no promise that RN may get hired (unless if you have a backer working there) after the program. I passed my credentials to Fe Del Mundo last Sept.8 and received an SMS the night of Sept. 12. For Heart Center? I knew of the program last July 23, 2010. I passed my requirements and paid the exam fee on August 13 as the exam was held on Sept. 13. (Got the results. I am 2nd priority.) For Fabella? This is just a training scheduled for next year I suppose. I passed my papers the last week of July 2010 since I got held up by some missing requirement.

    Fabella is offering training only. I passed my requirements last week of July.


    Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital
    Department of Nursing is not offering trainings however, HR is accepting resume and other requirements!

    Accepting resume but they are now conducting exams. Hope we get shortlisted! Are they going to change their name to Northwestern Regional Hospital?! That's what I have seen, correct me if I am wrong.
  6. by   johncfRN
    i have to obtain atleast 15 posts to actually send a private message.. heheh yes try capitol. and if they dont call you back, its their lost
  7. by   perplexity
    Quote from xtiNastic0201
    try capitol medical center..
    thank going to apply tom.hope we all land a job at a good hospital.i also called chmc awhile ago, the girl said they are currently shortlisting the applicants and the exams would be scheduled for the whole month of september and first week of octoboer.good luck to all of us.
  8. by   Nurse_ian
    @ sugarplum18RN--- i did mention you in my appreciation for keeping this thread updated.... Well I guess u have mislook... hehe

    Anyway my friend who passed her credential last june 2010 was shortlisted . She receive a call today so probably they are processing papers from that month...... I passed my application this july.... I hope we will all be shortlisted...................
  9. by   Azli
    Anyway my friend who passed her credential last june 2010 was shortlisted . She receive a call today so probably they are processing papers from that month...... I passed my application this july.... I hope we will all be shortlisted...................[/quote]

    Hi NurseIan! Are you talking of CHMC here? I also passed my requirements last July and until now I haven't received any call or txt from them. I'm just confused on how they do their shortlist because I have a 6 months volunteering experience and some who have taken their exam didn't even have an experience. I just hope that I'll still be included in the shortlist. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  10. by   hazelnutRN
    @sugarplum18 thank you for the post..
    >i would like to ask if the program at heart center critical care course is still open.. is it from ccnapi or heart foundation?
    >when did you passed your application at jesus delgado?
    me here also.. waiting to be called by the chmc..
  11. by   Nurse_ian
    @ Azli ------yes me too i have also the same experience in hospital...more than six mos friend is schedule to take the exam on 23 on september......she passed her requirements last june... i think this mean june applicants are already processed. lets wait for this mos maybe we can receive also a call or txt from them
  12. by   medic8
    Quote from xtiNastic0201
    try capitol medical center..
    Hi, can applicants still pass their application even until the end of September? My girlfriend's planning to apply but she still haven't updated her BLS certificate but she already has an IVT cert. Do you think she can apply? thanks!
  13. by   ManalastasCar
    Hi! May I know what CHMS stands for? I would also like to submit my resume there. Anyway, thank u for starting this thread, it sure is a big help!