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    Hi colleagues! i just want to share my experienced on the training program offered by Capitol Medical Center. So i passed my application there last Oct.2013 and they called me for the entrance exam (nursing and psychological exam) The nursing exam part was more on like board exam type questions with matching type and problem solving part. after a week they called me again for the personal interview conducted by the Vice president of the Hospital. then the training program started Dec. and ended last Jan2014. it was a nice experience for me because we were able to rotate at the Emergency department of CMC and in the ICU floor and med-surgical wards of the hospital. the training cost 3000pesos and employment rate depends on your performance. Requirements are posted at the HR department of the Hospital. I cant post the number of the hospital here for personal reason and i do suggest to all of you to go there directly and inquire. next training program will be held on April and July/August. with regards to the GWA of your board exam, 78% is the minimum GWA requirement for the application. but 80% above GWA is better and have a higher chances to be called. Good luck RNs and God bless!
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Please post an update if you were employed at CMC already..
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    yes, i got hired last month. im currently on the 3 months contractual process then after this, another 3 months for probationary status. total of 6 months before you become a regular staff as far as i know, next nurse training program of CMC will be on the month of June/July of 2014.
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    hi simonppn! do you think they are calling applicants now? and may I reconfirm if they are calling or texting the applicants? thanks for the reply!!
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    Wow that's just 4 months waiting time. Thank you so much for replying! I'll probably enroll to their skills training after completing my IVT cases on the same institution. Thank you!
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    @shebRN i'm not sure if they are calling/ texting applicants rignt now. but for the next nurse skills training program, it will be held by this June/ July. you have more chances to be in if you have updated IVT, BLS and a line of 8 GWA in your Board exam.

    @curiositywins11 wow, are u now enrolled for the next IVT program of CMC? if ever, we might bump each other on the ward
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    I have already completed the lecture and the ret dems BTW @simonppn I wonder if they have a 'backer system' or do they prioritize their own graduates? Did you take any qualifying exam for the employment? If there is, can you pleeeease provide a short overview of the topics contained aaaand one last question, what kind of interview questions have you encountered at CMC. Thank you so much!
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    no. they dont do the "backer system" thingy. I myself, a graduate from their college, experience the long and hard employment process. so im confident that they dont do the backer system. there's a lot of exam that you will need to take before and during the training program. their qualifying nursing exam for the employment is more likely board exam questions. ranging from funda, pedia and MS.
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    When I was still in the Philippines, year 2007 I needed to pull some strings just to get in. And YES Backer-system works.

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