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hi mark from philippines, just recently i pass the licensure exam for MOH-OMAN ..I would like to hear any comments,suggestions or words of encouragement from nurses in oman specially filipino Nurses..God bless... Read More

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    Hi there! I just took the exam this morning. I would like to long did you wait for the results? (I'm also under I-rekrut).

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    I passed the interview this morning. What's next? thank you.
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    From what agency are you? Thanks.
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    How long did it take for the agency to release the results of the written exam? Thanks.
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    I'm from rpr agency. They released it the night after the exam. I think the passing rate is 30.
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    Hi! how was the interview? how much is their offer? thanks.
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    good day fellow nurses. I passed also the exam and interview in Diamond hotel. I worked in K.S.A as a nurse also. my question is, is the agency is calling our employer for the verification? what I mean is, YES, I finished my contract in K.S.A as a nurse. Still dey are calling our previous employer here in the Philippines? way back 2008-2010? even though I worked already as Nurse in K.S.A?
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    passing rate is 25...out of 50...
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    They said passing rate is 30. Anyway, I think we are 700+ who passed from 2 agencies (rpr & irekrut) right?
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