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I am currently a 3rd year nursing student studying in UPHR-Las Pinas. I need help researching for information about Military Nursing in the Philippines. Can anyone please these questions for me? Thanks!! 1. What are the steps... Read More

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    There is a directive that lowered the height requirement from 5'2 to 5'0 (for females). So you are qualified. Im only 5'1'' and i passed the screening.
    Im not sure in the Males if they lowered it.

    @jef miru

    There is no specific date or scheduled of the qualifying exam . After, you are screened you will be notified thru text when is your schedule.

    To all:

    When you enter the Nurse Corps you CANNOT choose which branch of service(Army, Air force, navy, marines) you would like to go. I attended the seminar about military nursing in our school last year and the resource speaker is the current Chief Nurse, AFP. I asked her if we can choose a branch of service in the NC. She said no and that you may be assigned in the different branch of service. So be prepared. Anyways, we are health professionals our services must not have boundaries.

    Hope this helps...GODSPEED!!

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    Your Welcome!!Glad i can help!!!Well at least you still have time to review your nursing concepts..^____^

    Goodluck on your application!!!GODSPEED!!!
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    hi there...
    may i know whose to be address for the application letter?
    ill wait for the reply thx..
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    as far as i know there's no need for application letter...
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    Sir/maam just want to ask .. are there any standard protocols to follow when it comes to haircut/ especially for females?
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    I already took the exam on the same day I submitted my credentials. It was very difficult. What concerns me is that i was given the 100 point exam instead of the 35-point exam even though i have a 83.8 board rating. I think I will fail the exam. Maybe I cant reach the score of 80 which is the passing score. They already had disclosed me that there'll be no retake in case i failed. They will just inform me of the result three weeks after the exam thru text. To those who took the exam, did you experience the same? how long did you wait for the result?

    If you are from the province you can get the exam immediately. You should bring "pasalubong". Sometimes it helps as they claim. And you must indicate if you are a military dependent in your resume which I failed to do so..

    im keeping my fingers crossed. i hope i will receive the result by next week.
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    @harrydude: you're lucky because you already took the exam upon submission of your credentials.. i have known others who pass the requirements a year ago but still havent scheduled for the exam.. regarding the number of items, I also had thought that i will be just taking the 35 item exam because i have an 85% board rating. but for me its much better because you have a better chance for passing if you take the 100 items than the 35 items. i received the result a week after. i personally went there to know the result because my phone was lost. currently im just waiting to be called for the interview.
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    What trainings are included in the 6 long month of training?
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    i want to be a nurse corps

    thank you

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    Could an openly gay male nurse apply?My friend is not flamboyantly out, but not ashamed of calling himself homosexual, does he have a chance of getting accepted? Here in the states they have the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, do they have the same kind of tenet in the philippine army?

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