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Hi! For those interested, just this morning I heard from a newly hired staff nurse in Metropolitan Medical Center that the hospital is currently hiring staff nurses. Sadly, I can't apply there for personal reasons. Do any... Read More

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    they prioritize chinese speaking nurses.

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    Hiring for staff nurse is ongoing. And yes, they prefer CHINESE-SPEAKING applicants.

    CREDENTIALS are important no doubt, but PERSONALITY is a big factor. Make a good impression when interviewed.

    Just pass your resumes and cross your fingers. They might contact you through text or call.

    Training period usually happens every 2 to 3 months..
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    [color=#ff00cc]hi.. my godmother asks me to prepare the requirements for application at mmc, she's half chinese. she knows someone there and insists on helping me. i don't have any choices to consider because i'm a newly graduate and newly passed rn. i have read all your comments here, and i'm kinda nervous. i don't have very good looks, and i don't know if my personality would be enough for them, and i'm no chinese - just looks like one. well, i'm just nervous about the interview and exams.. i'm a newbie.

    just sharing.. :j
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    Well, go for it!! Even Metro graduates are having a hard time applying except if you have good looks and knows how to speak Chinese. I, for one have a Chinese surname (before I got married) but I dunno how to speak the language. I'm a MMC-CAST grad also when they were still MHCN.
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    hi RN's, i just wanna ask if there is someone who knows what kind of exam Metropolitan gives in their applicants? any reply will be much appreciated, thank you
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    Hello! anyone here who took their exams and interview like a couple months ago? does anyone of you received a call from them whether you passed the process? i'm hoping for your responses. thank you.
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    are they currently hiring now? or even give trainings?
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    From what I know, they dont conduct nurse trainings and they only hire nurses who know how to speak Chinese since almost all of their patients are Filipino-Chinese and the hospital is in the heart of Chinatown.
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    Ah I see. I don't know if they're still hiring now. I actually passed some of the requirements there for a couple of times and had my exam and interviews this September. I'm still hoping for the best that I'll be part of the institution.
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