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Hello, my fellow Filipino Nurses! I'd like to talk about the CETN program in Makati Medical Center. Last September, I was advised by a friend of mine who is currently a staff nurse in MMC, that they are already open for... Read More

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    Hi. I passed my requirements at Makati Medical Center HR office last September 1 2014 Monday. They told me to wait for their call within 2 to 4 weeks but up until now I haven't gotten a call. I'm planning to pass again this Monay Sept 29. Does anyone of you passed the requirements around the same date andhave ou received their call or text already? I'm really looking forward for their response. Thanks to whoever will reply.
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    Hi. I passed mine on Sept 8 (for the second time already actually; I passed first week of August too). They told me the same. Wait for 2 to 4 weeks. It's my 7th week already but no text or call yet. I'll keep you posted if they'll contact me. Kindly do the same guys, so we'll know how things are rollin good luck everyone!
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    Alright. Thanks for the info. Will definitely update you guys. Goodluck to us!
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    Hi all, does their grade requires 80 and above rating in the board exam? Thanks!
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    Not sure. Some say they require 80 and above but I think people should still pass their credentials even if it's below 80 just to give it a try.
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    Hi, I passed mine last june30 and then sept 15 again. No text/call yet. Will update you guys. Update us, too. thanks! God bless us!
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