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Hello, my fellow Filipino Nurses! I'd like to talk about the CETN program in Makati Medical Center. Last September, I was advised by a friend of mine who is currently a staff nurse in MMC, that they are already open for... Read More

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    i was offered the same position also.. I already passed the final interview and got their call last October 15 i think? they informed me that training will probably start by January 2013.. but then they called me up yesterday and was offered the ward clerk position, while waiting... he said that it may take 3-6 months for the training for staff nurse to start.. I still dont know if i will accept the offer a s a ward clerk... ugghh!!!

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    how do they select the people they call for this position? is there still something to expect come next year? why is it taking so long, they posted vacancies as early as sept last year, now there is no vacancy?
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    i dont know how they select people to offer the ward clerk position... but what's in my mind (but of course im not really sure) is that they we're calling the first batch of applicants who passed the final interview...? i dont know.. haha! sorry...
    but I declined to their offer, anyway... I was having a hard time to make decisions if i will accept it so I just decided to stick to my original plan and for what I applied for... that is as a staff nurse. Im not being choosy but im just trying to lessen the complications and the many situations going inside my mind.
    When they called me to offer the ward clerk position, they told me that training for the staff nurse will probably begin 1st quarter of 2013 and latest is 2nd quarter... also they said that they are offering the ward clerk position temporarily because the staff nurse's training will start 3-6 months from now, so why not work as a ward clerk while waiting... hhaayyy, im really getting disappointed (to myself) and being sad.. I really thought training will start by January, but now.. I dont know :'(
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    Hi all!

    I just passed the initial requirements last Dec 12 and I havent received anything from MMC yet. Do you guys think they will still contact me cause Im worried they wont because I think they dont hire on December. And how long does it usually take for them to text you?Thanks !
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    i expected to start on january too. from what ive heard, they dont really hire people at the end of the year.
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    My friend and I had our initial exams and interviews last Sept. 26 yet no updates from MMC after that. Just wondering if they would still contact us for another interview or such. Thanks!
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    are you done with the medical/physical exam?
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    Um, not at all.
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    Hi I passed my resume last dec 12 but they still havent contacted you think i should still wait or go there again and pass my resume?
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    I just want to ask if they are still accepting applicants for the training? I'm planning to submit my requirements this January. Thanks

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