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Hello, my fellow Filipino Nurses! I'd like to talk about the CETN program in Makati Medical Center. Last September, I was advised by a friend of mine who is currently a staff nurse in MMC, that they are already open for... Read More

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    i think they also posted this on jobstreet.

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    Quote from mikeru22
    Hi blair111, where can I go to submit my requirements? Thanks.
    hi! just go to the HR office, i think it's in the 6th flr, tower 1, however, i think they already stopped accepting applicants, so just wait for the next opening. TO BE SURE, CALL THEM 888-8999
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    How long do you usually wait for their call after the final interview? We had our interview last Nov. 14 but until now, no calls yet.
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    Quote from chibichibi
    How long do you usually wait for their call after the final interview? We had our interview last Nov. 14 but until now, no calls yet.
    it usually takes 2 wks. try to call them and follow up. maybe the HR people are really busy right now cause it's the end of the year and they have to process a lot of things like 13th month hehe.. if none in your batch were called yet, dont fret maybe there was a delay in the evaluation or something.
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    I had passed my resume and other requirements needed last Nov 12 yet still no calls/text ...
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    Hi! Is there anyone here who's scheduled for a final interview any time soon? Thanks!
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    is it still hiring?? thanks
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    as of now they've stopped accepting applicants, but they will probably have another opening for the CETN later this year. keep yourselves posted this usually happens around June. I'll also update you guys here from time to time.

    one of the people i met during the interview told me she was offered another position while waiting for the training (CETN), they said that deployment for staff nurses is tentative and that she will be transferred once the training starts. do you guys have the same experience? to those who already passed the final interview, were any of you called about the same thing? cause none of my other friends were told about this and i'm just confused.. by passing the final interview and giving your word that you are willing to wait, that is a sure spot on CETN already right?

    guys, please enlighten me.. as of now I'm sticking to the first hand instructions i received, wait for the call on the first week of January to pass my requirements. How soon can they tell us the definite date of our start? It doesn't have to be right away, I just need to be sure when it would be so I can make other plans as well... like get a part time job or something.
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    i think they stopped accepting applicants around that time, not sure, you can wait for the next opening but as I've said earlier, the first screening will be based on your resume, board rating and school standing. if you have a board rating that's above 80, and come from a reputable school, you're safe. that's what I've heard from the others.

    **that thing about coming from a reputable school is also on their jobstreet post.
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    HR called me yesterday and offered a job as a ward clerk while i am still waiting for 3-6 months for a vacant position for a staff nurse.

    has anyone else accepted the job offer too?
    i am nervous because i am not familiar with what a ward clerk does.. hehe..

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