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Hello, my fellow Filipino Nurses! I'd like to talk about the CETN program in Makati Medical Center. Last September, I was advised by a friend of mine who is currently a staff nurse in MMC, that they are already open for... Read More

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    do you think they prefer applicants with hospital training? I have none. I already passed my resume twice - last november and this feb.

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    Do they prefer ridiculously good looking applicants only? Because if they do then ill definitely make the cut then. Nothing to brag about tho.
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    Quote from winkies
    do you think they prefer applicants with hospital training? I have none. I already passed my resume twice - last november and this feb.
    Well, it's an advantage but they still entertain fresh grads and w/o hospital experience.
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    Quote from chibichibi
    Well, it's still a 1 month training and we're gonna start on March 25. And, oh, we are only 14 in our batch.

    jazz_08, I passed my resume and other requirements last September, so it was a 5-month wait.
    Congratulations chibichibi! So it was 5 month wait from the time you submitted your resume, tor and board rating? I passed those Oct 2012 so i dunno if i should still hope. Thanks a bunch guys for posting info and being a blessing to others. Godbless!
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    Quote from episiotomy
    Hello guys

    Just to boost the morale or enthusiasm of everybody here.

    Earlier I went to MMC to pass our requirements for Probee, as you can see in our previous conversations
    'we are told that 8 out of 25 nurses will be hired as probees' from our batch as COPN, luckily we are surprised that 21 out of 25 of us were hired. I'm saying this not to brag about it or anything but to uplift your confidence guys. Don't lose hope and stay positive

    chibichibi how was your appointment with HR? Do you have any details regarding COPN like when you will start and what was the duration of the training?

    Good Luck and God bless guys
    hello episiotomy congratulations!
    i just want to ask what happened to those 4 that were not hired? I mean did MMC even told you the reason why they weren't hired? what was their criteria for choosing who is going to be hired? i feel sorry for those 4 who didn't get in.
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    Wuhoo. Makati med, here we come.
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    Hi! What are the specific requirements needed to get into makati med training program? Thanks
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    Hi! Do you when will the next COPN training start? Thank you.
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    hi guys! are they only accepting applicants from a reputable university? I graduated from a nursing school in Bulacan but got a pretty high board rating.. tia!
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    signed the contract today. they are already interviewing nurses for the next batch. pass your applications now!

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