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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

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    Hi.im just a newbie here.i ve been a nurse for 5years now.i just decided to apply as nurse for kuwait this year.. i applied to best one agency for clinic nurse.but then few days after they texted me that i am already selected as a dental nurse at royal dental center.they gave me job offerthrough mail.wd the salary of 280kd per month with free transpo and accom.they also instructed me to send my original documents....but i just gave then my photocopy of my passport...after that they just advuse me to wait for the visa...i just wonder if this is true?and wat are the process to get a visa?i mean they just had my documents by my mail.are these things reliable to get a visa?im confused and puzzled if i have to push this..its my first time to work abroad.
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    Can anyone help me with the process and the requirements needed for dental nurse for kuwait...
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    Hello! I find this site very informative.
    Okay so I applied in Best One agency recently bound for Kuwait MOH and they texted me just this morning to submit all of the original copies of my documents and let me prepare a certain amount of fee for MOH licensure exam. I just want to ask if are they gonna put my original documents on-hold? Is the original passport also included? I'm just worried if I will not be able to take it from them if ever I'm gonna pull out my application. And also is there really certain fee in taking the said exam? I thought it's free of charge. I'm just wondering. Please help me!!
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    i would like to apply in kuwait?how many moths the process would be?
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    can u help undr moh nusing job is good @ 350kd...6laks expense....
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    hi iam a bsc nurse with 2.6 yr exp, i want to get uwait moh license .now iam in india, plz help me wt is the process data flow , fee etc
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    hi. im a newbie here, i am also applied in best one agency, and they gave me a job offer, it was jana clinic. i signed it, and now is waiting for them to text me again about the visa. what is the next step here? or what will i expect now? thank you

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