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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

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    for seveneighteen:have you already paid 50k?have you already seen your visa?
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    Hi Guys!

    For info. Im from Best One agency. we already paid the Initial 50k. We signed the CONTRACT and everything is stipulated there. we already had the Entry VISA too. According to POEA as we presented the Documents the Contract/VISA is VALID.
    Our final medical will be this Tuesday August 2, 2011. Godbless everyone
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    Our Final Medical exam fee is 3,720 pesos.
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    NICE!!! is it arabic or english contract you signed-in???
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    Yes! both language ENGLISH on the left side ARABIC on the right side.

    Are you a candidate for deployment? which agency?

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    that's good... yes, I'm candidate also for deployment and my agency is mother's way... i just informed this week that my original visa is already available.. so by monday i'll go to manila for medical exam and signing of contract.

    God Bless to us nurses...
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    By the way, upon paying for downpayment, what kind of receipt do you received??? is it valid?
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    I see. Congrats then. Did you pay initial deposit of how much?
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    nope.. i haven't pay it yet unless i already sign the contract...
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    how much Kreutz??
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    they only gave receipt if its full payment. So i deposit it in their AGENCY's BANK account. so i have bank receipt for evidence.
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    it's better to deposit it than to give without receipt...

    in mother's way, they said half of the 1-month salary will be the down payment... so maybe about 50k.
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    I see. Ok then. Hope everything will be great for us. Godbless!

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