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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I believe there were 3 agencies ... Read More

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    Guys! Did u ask the staff of safe future if how sure they are that march will b our deployment???As i read backward, it takes 6-8mons for the processing of visa to the day of deployment... Its too longer to wait for 6-8mons..... Can u confirm with them if they really hav communications wit the employer????

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    Quote from luczies
    I passby at the agency today to pass my red ribbon but maam *** told me to pass it completely when they text me after the arrival of visa.. She also told me that the visa will arrive this 3rd week of january hopefully!!
    How did you process ur authentication of HS diploma? did u went to dep Ed?can u tell me how to do it! thanks
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    Just go to your school and ask for your credentials, they will be the one to process it.. Just tell them you need it for red ribbon...
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    Quote from mitchy18
    How did you process your authentication of HS diploma? did you went to dep Ed?can you tell me how to do it! thanks
    are you patient enough to wait for 6-8months???Did you confirm to the staff that march is the deployment??
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    Quote from luczies
    are u patient enuf to wait for 6-8mons???Did u confirm to the staff that march is the deployment??
    I actually dont know... im still processing my papers i havent phone up the agency yet, but they said its a new hospital and hopefully they can deploy us ASAP because they need a manpower for a newly open hospital.
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    I am still worried about the salary offer,i don't know if this will be enough. But i need to work ASAP. God help us.
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    Quote from Dinx
    I work in Al Sabah Regional Hospital, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Center is located in Sabah Complex among one of the specialty hospitals, it's not operating yet at present but will soon be open come 2nd quarter of 2013.
    @dinx... sir, is Sabah Al Ahmad hospital for urology already opened or finished now??
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    hi.. im in the province.. and someone told me that safe future already conducted a briefing to nurses there in Manila? is it true? do you know about the number of working hours? because ive read in the other forum that its 10 hrs a day - 6 days a week shift?
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    The hospital is not yet open because it is not yet finished. I think they start building it less than a year..but it should be finished after 1 year..meaning this March or so..
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    guys do u know what is the name of our subcontractor? thanks..

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