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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I believe there were 3 agencies ... Read More

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    for authentication of high school diploma and form 137,you must visit 1st your school-records section.for certifying your copy..then you should bring the certified true copy of your docs.in the regional department ed office. also for school docs for college but in ched,merry Xmas and advns happy new year guys...i'm also preparing my docs now.before taking medical exam
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    thanks for that info.. me too will process my docs next year early january.. for now, i'm erer in our province.. can i hav your #, so that i have we will be in company @philip05
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    I would advise you not to post numbers here on the forum for your own safety
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    Happy Holidays everyone!

    I'm happy to know that there will be more Filipino nurses bound for Kuwait soon. I would just like to add some inputs: I belong to batch 2011 deployment for MOH hospitals here in Kuwait. Our salary offer was 650KD (for a minimum of 3 years work experience plus additional of 10KD for each year of experience beyond 3 years) and it was indeed what the agencies in the Philippines told us during the hiring process and we are enjoying that salary here. We are directly regular employee of the Government of Kuwait. We even had a salary increase last April this year of 50KD across the board. Actually, our basic salary as listed in our certificate of employment is just 250KD but there were additional pay like, hospital allowance, night differential,.. etc.. that's why on average, we are getting 700KD per month salary, others received much because they have more years of experience and others were assigned in special areas which also have additional pay. I cannot give you the official breakdown right now because my salary certificate is in my locker in our unit in the hospital. I've read that the offer for you now is just 250KD but just try to ask your agency if this is just the basic salary or if this 250KD is the fix salary you will get per month. Most of the times, our agencies there are not really accurate in terms of "what is" and "what is not". Perhaps the Ministry of Health just told them that the basic is 250KD and they assumed that it is fixed already, but just as what I've said there are still more additional pay taht would total to 700KD or more.

    On the other hand, not much of a good info, I've also heard from my peers that the Ministry of Health will hire nurses through subcontractors nowadays, maybe that's the reason why it's Safe Future Agency now handling the hiring process and not ADM, Best One and Mother's way as in our case. But again, I have doubts if the Ministry is keen on hiring nurses through subcontractors because MOH Hospitals here are applying for accreditation by the Canadian Board and one of it's main requirement to have the accreditation granted is competitive salary of it's work force. It is even up in the news air here that we will have another salary increase as per advise by the canadian Board for them to grant the accreditation including increase in basic pay, hazard pay etc...

    Actually, we were also hired through subcontractors here in Kuwait but our subcontractor's responsibility was mainly to assist us in the processing of our papers for formalities, beyond that, we are directly under the Ministry of Health. Our salary directly comes from the Ministry of Health Finance.

    As for the contract, we do have a written contract between us and the Philippine agencies because it is a requirement by POEA, it states that it's a 2 year contract only. But by the time we arrived here, it was waived by the MOH as we are regular employees under them so it is up to us when to resign. Annual leave is yearly. Free accommodation, transpo, uniforms and food but free food is for female nurses only.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck and God Bless!
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    hi, i also passed the MOH exam and interview under safe future agency. The "girl" there also told me the same things that you guys are posting here when I came to her last Wednesday to give my red ribbon documents. About the contract(2yrs), salary($850) food allowance included, the area where i'm going to be assigned(surgical), the hospital (Sabah Al Ahmad Hospital for Urology) a gov't hospital as I've read here in the thread. I asked the "girl" when will the visa arrive, and she told me that "maybe" January. Because the MOH told them that it will take a month after taking the exam. I also asked her when would be the tentative date of deployment. And she told me that maybe March. So it means this is going to be a lot of waiting for me. But i can be patient enough. I would just like to ask if someone there in Kuwait could help us know what to expect when we get there? Or does anyone know about somenone who is already deployed by the said agency? And how are they doing there in Kuwait?
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    Do u have any idea why the working hour is 10hours?
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    not yet..
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    I have not heard of 10 hrs work/day here in any moh hospitals or in any area. The shifting here is 7am-2pm, 2pm-10pm and 10pm-7am. Also if you are indeed bound for moh hospitals, you will not know as to where hospital you'll be with nor to what area you will be assigned. You will come to know that after you are already here and done with all the formalities. As for working conditions, it depends on what area you'll be assigned and what hospital you'll be with.
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    @dinx...I hope what u were saying is true.. Its very shocking to hear that our salary will become 700kd from the offered 250kd told by the safe future agency...I hope the deployment became early as march hehe.. I really want to work.. I miss working again after resigning from the hospital i worked
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    Thanks for that info.. @dinx
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