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  1. by   zephie814
    @jepoy28: no schedule yet. i was told that i am going to be included in the 2nd batch and that we will probably depart a week or so after the 1st batch but i just found out that only 10 were given tickets, all from nb (mam **** said that 10 applicants from each company will be scheduled for the 1st batch). i do not have any idea why nor is this information confirmed. ..my patience is wearing thin
  2. by   Dinx
    How many batches were deployed already? Best One had their first batch last August 15. How about ADM and Mother's Way? Thanks
  3. by   jepoy28
    @zephie814.i asked sir ##### if when will be our tickets be release, he said they still waiting the confirmation coming from kuwait MOH.but you already gave the full payment or just half of it?im also stress waiting the flight schedule.just keep me posted if you some great news.
  4. by   Piorf
    Tareq Company - 18
    Al Bahar Company - 5
    Gulf Employment Company - 18
    Global Technologies for Medical Supplies and Services - 27

    for ADM, they have already deployed a lot. i think im the last person in my group.. there are like 10-12 people who is for rebooking(resched of flight).. am fit to work already and my papers are already being authenticated in Kuwait Embassy PH.. Also am to attend my PDOS but im planning attend once my plane ticket arrive. dont worry, the agencies would like your plane ticket to arrive as much as you want because of the placement fee.. i already paid half(55k php) of my placement fee and 9k for authentication this afternoon. few more days and we'll be in Kuwait.
  5. by   zephie814
    @jepoy28: yup, paid the full amount already. im stressed out just like everybody else but there's nothing we can do but pray and wait

    by the way, i learned that only 20kg is allowed for the check in baggage. this poses a problem especially for girls like me who have lots of stuff
  6. by   jepoy28
    @zephie814:try to bring only things that are very important so that you will not have more than 20kg in your baggage.hope that we will be the second batch to be deployed soon!
  7. by   Piorf
    really? well, before it was 40kg + 7kg which can be hand carried. anyway, as far as i can remember, my baggage was like 20-21kg before. lol.. two sets of rubber shoes(1 plain white), clothes(shirts,pants,undies towels etc) toiletries for 1-2mos. some can goods and instant noodles.. hmm.. what else.. 2 jackets,3 uniforms.. id say, you dont have to bring fancy dresses since you'll be staying in hostel most of the time.. btw, im male so there's not much for me to bring.

    search in the internet and ask your agency for the max weight cap. dont forget to bring a jacket.
  8. by   stama
    Kuwait to suspend commercial visit visas from Sept 1.

    Kuwait will temporarily suspend the processing of commercial visit visas in a bid to clamp down on the increase in expatriate workers in the Gulf State, according to a report on Saturday.
    The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour's decision will take effect from September 1, Kuwaiti labour minister Dr Mohammad Al Afasi said at a recent Iftar gathering, the Al-Shahed Arabic daily newspaper said.
    The report said the Ministry had noticed a significant number of expatriates remaining in the country and transferring the visitor visas into work permits. This has resulted in a surge in the number of 'marginal' expatriate workers, the report added.
    The Ministry will suspend the issuance of such visas in order to review how the system is being operated.

    The review is designed to curb the imbalance between locals and expatriate workers and the suspension will be lifted once new policies and rules have been decided upon, the report said.
    In May, Kuwait banned nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan from entering the country over fears political unrest in those nations could pose a risk to the Gulf state's security.
    The blacklist included trade, tourism and visit visas as well as visas sponsored by spouses, immigration sources quoted by Kuwait media said.
    The Gulf state's move was attributed to the "difficult security conditions in the five countries" and the increased risk of nationals bringing over relatives to escape arrest in their home country, immigration sources said.
    A number of Gulf states have tightened border security in the wake of the Arab Spring revolts that have spread across the Middle East.
  9. by   Piorf
    Kuwait goverment should really be afraid, in fact, Kuwaitis only make up around 1/3 of the country's whole population.

    But, as you can see, this "step" might only be applicable to those "5 countries" or to arab countries. Kuwait WILL NEVER SURVIVE on its own.. Without the Indians, Filipinos and other nationals, Kuwait is like a child who has suffered famine. Yes, they are rich in oil but that is all that they have(i forgot, they are also extremely-social beings.. and that is everything they do). Females do not even know how to cut their toe nails and some would even seek doctors to do it for them.

    This might be a bluffing tactic by the Government because of what is happening to other arab countries and the head is afraid of being overthrowned. Nurses should not be discourage by this news, primarily because(as the news implies) Kuwait dont have enough manpower to support their Government. Another reason is their religion wherein females are prohibited of touching a man's hands.. just imagine how Female nurses will insert IVs without touching the hands. and lastly, because of their extremely-social attitudes.. (this is purely an observation with no intentions of starting a flame).
  10. by   Dinx
    Is it safe to say that our visas will not be affected with the suspension of commercial visit visas?
  11. by   Dinx
    According to ADM (Thru FB wall) nurses from India are already in Kuwait (around 900 of them). Those who are waiting for their plane ticket might wait much longer because MOH needs to process the papers of these nurses before they will issue plane tickets.

    I am not aware that MOH hired so many nurses. We might be running out of available slots for those of us who are still here.
  12. by   male_nurse22
    Any news if the other agencies deployed some of their nurses? I am anxious right now I feel the agency is not processing my visa. I already called them several times but the only answer i received from one of their employee is " wala pa po". Maybe I am just waiting for nothing.
  13. by   thaddeus
    Hi there nurses!

    No news yet for Gulf National nurses under Mom's Way?

    I'm a bit anxious already...

    What's keeping them from giving us tickets and fly?

    anyway, we just have to wait and pray for the best.

    Godspeed Nurses!