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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   Piorf
    that's what the general manager told me.. the hospital might give 100kd(maybe, in my experience before, they give us 25kd a month for 2months) allowance every month for 8mos(expect) but they will give all our money later on once we have our atm and civil ids. i hope so too that this wont happen..

    actually, it is like we were directly hired.. because once we are there we'll have the same employer: MOH. the placement fee that we will pay to our agencies will be divided and part of it will go to Kuwaiti agencies. Life's becoming harder and I think Kuwait govt's thought that, at least some of their citizens should earn through these agencies..

    this would be a big oppurtunity and yet a gamble for all of us! keep in touch and update us here. Gulf employment applicants will be flying on the 28th, unfortunately i wont be able to join them because my visa arrived late(DA MN you Al Essa). Give us some news once you're there!
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  2. by   Dinx
    Guys, my visa was available just yesterday. I do have mix emotions, happy because I have a chance to work in Kuwait but somehow worried because I have to make my decision now and I do have many apprehensions in going to Kuwait.

    @piorf: What its like living in Kuwait? I do believe we will work for 8 hrs in 6 days a week (I don't have any problem with that). What are the usual activities outside nursing when you have your day off? If you won't go out, what are the things you could possibly do in your hostel? Is wifi/internet connection available? (is it for free?) Are you allowed to drink liquor and smoke in the hostel or perhaps in your room? If you go out, just like strolling/walking in the beach/seaside, is it possible?

    Do you have overtime at work frequently for extra income?

  3. by   Piorf
    congrats dinx! which agency are you from?

    The bad thing about the place(farwaniya) now is it is far from the seaside. My hostel before was in Fahaheel and the beach is 5-10minutes walk. I usually jog along the seaside(al kot) before my duty, food and shopping malls are also readily available and near back then. Ive been to farwaniya before to get a police clearance. I would say that the place is far from the city and somewhat deserted. I can see that i will have a very boring life in the next three years. lol..

    liqour is forbidden but you can secretly buy from indians(sadiki). smoking is fine.
    back then i would usually go out with my friends in restos but most of the time i would stay home. living in kuwait is quite expensive especially the transportation cost(i would usually ride a taxi if i want to go somewhere). be wary because locals,esp the teens, are quite stup id and they might just through a stone on your face. for females, be very careful because females are most of the time harrassed in the streets.. the teens might touch your body parts.

    when i was working in ER, I did an extra 60 hours of work to get additional salary.. lol.. crazy but is very rewarding.

    my laptop is my best friend and source of happiness. lol.. i spent at least a third of my 2-year stay in kuwait in front of it. i was paying 6kd(around 900) a month for the net connection. it makes me happy seing the kids running aroud.
  4. by   nursejv
    Hi Guys!
    Congrats to you Dinx!

    Guys a friend from ALBAHAR group emailed me. They are the first group deployed last august 15 from bestone. and Good to hear that they are fine and they started processing papers from the hospital in a week and about the SALARY, Yes they will get it as soon as the papers are already set in a month..

    Godbless us all
  5. by   Dinx
    Thank you nursejv.

    That's great news. Hoping to hear more updates specially to those who are in Kuwait already. All of these are very helpful.

    Go go go Filipino Nurses!!!
  6. by   iriszape
    Quote from Piorf
    Im from ADM and also had a lot of med exams done during the premed.
    I have friends,ex kuwait nurses, who applied in Mom's way and Best1. Actually, we were from Al Essa company, the main agency of Best1 in Kuwait. We worked in private hospitals and we're not satified with the salary/rules.treatment that we're getting. After the contract we decided to go home and reaapply.

    ADM told us that visas will be available today but when I called them, they said that they will inform us tomorrow if our visas are ready. Cant wait..
    hi there.. would like to ask if what type of exam and how many items of exam? did you find the exam hard can u give me hint? ill be passing all my requirements before september i already completed other requirements except for the nbi and form 137. .. the exam will be on september and i am in a hurry in accomplishing all the requirements. .. ADM was also the agency i am applying for hoping for your response.. thank you..
  7. by   Piorf
    hi iris! the exam was 30 items of 3 different sets. id say the one i received was easy, got 24 or 25/30. hint: hmm.. basic nursing, ER cases like MI and bleeding, DM, when to take meds meds(im not familiar), easy computation, and 1 or 2 psych question. passing score is 12 or 15(cant remember).

    if you have, use a cellphone where you can access the internet. lol.. never used this(no load at that time) but it may come in handy.
  8. by   Dinx
    Thank you piorf for the warm congratulations and for the answers to my questions. You're a big help indeed.
  9. by   Dinx
    @piorf: Is the accomodation good enough? I mean is it air conditioned? How many occupants in one room? Is there a common living area and dinning area? How do you do with your laundry? Is Television accessible in your room or common in the living area? You see, Iam also a homebody that's why I am very particular with the accommodation. Thank you.
  10. by   cool_avrn03
    hi guys!im from best one.they told me that my visa was already here but there's a problem
    my middle name was spelled incorrect that's why they need to get it back to kuwait...is there any person here
    with a problem jsut like mine?tnx guys...
    God bless...
  11. by   brigz
    just called best one agency. they told me that they only accept female applicants.
  12. by   Piorf
    @dinx -

    yes, all rooms are airconditioned and must be air-conditioned or else we wont survive the heat. lol..(bring a good jacket, because it is also cold during the winter).. usually, there are 5 rooms(2 persons per room) and a living area in one flat,2 kitchens(with stove,ref and washing machine) one cable TV(you can buy your own but id advice you to just buy a laptop/pc instead) and 2 bathrooms. Kuwait is not like Saudi, you can go out but remember(esp GIRLS) to ALWAYS bring your passport or civil id or else the police will catch you.. Good if they will imprison you because there are stories that girls are being brought to the desert or seaside, raped and then killed. During offs, im usually in my room, in front of my laptop.

    @cool avrn -

    it is the same advice that i got from adm but later they told me that my visa was not cancelled by my previous employer. if you are an ex-kuwait, then most probably we have the same problem. another reason maybe, you are a reserve applicant(remember there were 33-35applicants and only 30 are to be hired) otherwise they're telling the truth.
  13. by   Piorf
    @ brigz

    they're hiring females for private hospitals. as ive said beware of AL-Essa company, i saw their ads in workabroad and they are working with bestone.. it would be better to wait for MINISTRY of Defense, ADM said they might come on DECEMBER. They're also a part of MOH and the salary will be like twice the salary of nurses in private hospitals. GL