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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I believe there were 3 agencies ... Read More

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    @thaddeus: im from mother's way. i have already paid the 50% down payment based on the salary offer although i haven't been able to pay the full 10500 for the authentication fee in kuwait embassy. yes, the agency did issue receipts - two actually - one for the 50% down payment and the other is for the authentication fee. im still in the process of completing the required documents like having my coe stamped at saudi embassy since this is a requirement for ex-saudi applicants.

    i have no idea as to the contract for applicants under Gulf National. better call the agency about this. just be patient

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    thank you zephie!
    may I know under what company are you?
    have you read your contract already? what are their promise?
    thank you.
    Godspeed nurses!
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    MOTHERS WAY nurses....

    As what I know, the 50% down payment will be paid to the agency we have in kuwait like GN, etc... and the other 50% is for the agency here. Yes, they will give a temporary receipt... (The one they issued to us is not validated because there is no RP seal.) If you will not pay the 10500, of course your documents will not be processed in kuwait embassy. If the documents are already stamped, then they will send that to kuwait so that the MOH will book a flight detail... Probably after the release of stamped documents, either 1-2 weeks the flight detail will be sent to the philippines... As the agency said, they are on the rush... BTW, the visa will expire around the month of October this year.
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    thanks for the info kreutz.
    are you from Gulf National too?
    have you read the details of our contract?

    I'm still waiting for my COE to be authenticated by Manila City Hall and then will bring it to DFA for RedRibbon before going to the agency...Hope by that time our contract has arrived because from what I've heard the contracts for Gulf National were brought back to Kuwait because of some errors.

    Godspeed Nurses!
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    @thaddeus: I'm under Swiss Care. I am not sure if what is stated in my contract is the same with other companies. Mine says I am to receive a certain amount (salary offer, which i think varies with each applicant); the contract is good for two years; accommodation, transpo and food will be provided and I will be working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and annual vacation of not less than 30 days. I forgot about the sick leave but i know there is a provision for it.

    Mam **** said deployment may start this week or next week.
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    @thaddeus... im under NB... all benefits are written in the contract... i'm now waiting for the stamping result and then for the flight details...
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    Wow! Thanks for all the infos zephie and kreutz!
    it does ease my confusion!

    anyway, kreutz, may i know how long is the waiting period for the visa stamping?
    Thank you very much.

    Godspeed nurses!
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    gud day to all...im new here...im from best one.is there anyone here from al ruwad?
    whatz the latest news reg. our visa?
    tnx guys...GOD bless us all...
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    @thaddeus... i really dunno how long but as i heard, they said within 1 week only...
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    @cool avrn03: I'm also under Al Ruwad. So far our visas are not yet available todate. I just called Best One a while ago and sad to say they are still waiting for Al Ruwad visas. Just keep posted for updates. If by chance you have a new info regarding our visas feel free to post it here so that others may know. Thanks.

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