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    I am not sure if KRC has lots of grads now working in the U.S. I knew of many (U.S. citizens) from Kennedy Global School which is also located in Makati. I am actually a Kennedy Global grads leaving in the U.S. now on the process of taking my nclex exam. As for those residence of the Philippines, that will be a big question mark. Seems like this program is design for those leaving or citizens of countries such a the U.S., Canada, Australia etc.
    Canada requires a license from the country you trained in and that would be an issue as the Philippines do not have a exam for LPN. I think the same goes for Australia and New Zealand
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    Quote from Jaycee77
    So True! Just like you, I'm currently enrolled in the LPN program of KGS and looking forward to going home for the clinical experience.
    hi, can someone help me how this distant learning works.

    i'm interested with KGS LPN also. i also live in the US.

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    Hi! I'm currently enrolled SAP at kGS and in my 3rd quarter. Just like you, I had so many questions before i enrolled myself but it's better if you go to their site. E-mail or call them so they can explain better. I know it's not for everybody but so far it's working for me. It's a one year program (4 quarters). The first 3 quarters-they send you modules and study plan. You have quizzes and exams to pass.Then the 4th quarter you go to Philippines and do your clinicals. You take your NCLEX-PN here in US...You have to be really disciplined to study on your own but they're just a phone call away if you need further teachings...Good Luck!
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    another question:

    how does the exam works for KRC online program.
    is it open book? can you take it as many as you want until you pass?
    can you take it anytime you want?

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    Ask the director of the school if they tried to tell the CA Board that they were not internet/distance learning based. If anyone is considering getting their license in CA either originally or by endorsement, the answer is a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO from any of the Kennedy schools. There are two similar schools within Kennedy as one owner left on bad terms from the other one. TESDA means nothing in the US when it comes to LPN/LVN. Other states are catching on. The West Virginia to California thing isn't working anymore. Boards talk to each other.
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    Quote from sasyone
    ask the director of the school if they tried to tell the ca board that they were not internet/distance learning based. if anyone is considering getting their license in ca either originally or by endorsement, the answer is a big noooooooooooooooo from any of the kennedy schools. there are two similar schools within kennedy as one owner left on bad terms from the other one. tesda means nothing in the us when it comes to lpn/lvn. other states are catching on. the west virginia to california thing isn't working anymore. boards talk to each other.

    sayone are u serious? there is school in the u.s that does lpn online. what do u mean by other states are catching on and tesda does not mean anything in the u.s.? you're kidding right?
    i don't think global kennedy is online and if so. there is school in texas that does online lpn! the state accredited it. there is excellesior and other schools that does online lpn to rn transition program.whats wrong with that. are the states catching up on them!
    just stop putting other countries educational system down! whatever you are thinking, those schools are not primarily founded to train people to work in the u.s. foreign nurses works all over the world.
    the last time i checked from my experience working in the hospital, there are many foreign well-educated physicians and surgeons that are still working to serve this our great nation.
    by the way, foreign educated healthcare professionals get more hands on experience other than cybrmedicine.
    this is america!
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    So sorry, you don't care for what I said but call the California boards and see what answer you get. They do NOT accept online or distance learning schools. And yes, TESDA means NOTHING in CA, especially with the LVN/LPN programs because they don't even have LPN licensure there. If you get a license in another state, you will not get an endorsement to CA.
    Yes, as you said, this is America and not the Philippines which TESDA is the regulatory agency so I'm honestly failing to understand your point. You make no sense. You begin talking about Texas? I was talking about CA so your point is mute. CA does not accept Excelsior or any of the Kennedy schools or Nightingale International.

    Who put other countries down? You are very confusing and all over the Board.
    Why is it that all these schools are popping up in the Philippines offering LPN programs that are US based (according to THEIR own advertisements) when the Philippines doesn't even license LPNs? Contact the National Council to see how many alerts they send to the Boards on the fraudulent programs popping up. If you don't want to believe it, that's up to you but you will probably be one of those that spend a lot of money and don't bother to call the state you want to work in and whine when they don't accept your education. The bottom line is, if you want to be 100% sure your education is accepted, go to that state's accredited school that's listed on their website. Don't expect that state to bend over backwards for you to accept your school.
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    why will I even be wasting my time going back and forth with u!
    Thats's how far u knew...........