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Hi, is there anyone here who knows the latest schedule for ANSAP accredited IV therapy training?... Read More

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    Veterans and Heart Center is closed for april... is there no hospitals still open for april IVT?
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    I know Chinese General's IVT training is open for the month of May. However, they telling that they have schedule for April but it's still TBA or "to be announced". I don't know how does that happened since April is the month coming first than May. I have contact numbers for your easy access, .
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    do u know any hospital thats still open for april's ivt??
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    Hi july ann17, try to inquire at GSN ISEEC for april's schedule. I could not post the number, i think it's not allowed. Try to type GSN ISEEC on the yahoo or google's search engine. By the way, where are you working now as a volunteer?
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    hi msproudrn.. tanx for d info.. actually i already had a volunteer experience for a year @ our provinz.. i left coz i wanna try apllying for a staff here.. bwt u??
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    you are blessed.. too bad for me i haven't got any experience yet.. I hope soon I'll get employed
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    Had my IVT at Fabella Memorial Hospital. Their schedule is sporadic though. If you come in as a big group (around 50 people), they'll probably make a special schedule for your group.

    The completion here is a breeze. Had all my cases done in one day.

    Hope this helps!

    God bless RNs!
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    If I Were you I'd try some provincial hospitals. Region I Medical Center offers the IVT didactic course every month and offers a great pool for the relevant cases needed.

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