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I recently passed the nclex. I'm so thankful to allnurses, the information here helped me a lot to pass it. Since I reviewed and concentrated on the exam, I resigned from my teaching job. Now it's so... Read More

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    ur story is very inspiring!
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    i agree
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    Wow...that is all i can say i wish my time to shine will you must be very good at your craft...
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    yeah it's really hard to find one..what's quite frustrating is that the whole hiring process is too long..
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    it is very hard and frustrating to find a hospital job here in the philippines.with 88K+ who will take the board exams this november,well,goodluck to us who have been forced resigned and still unemployed RN's.
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    Good luck with your interview. Bring a print resume. Get the names of the people you interview with and send a thank you note. Dress professionally. Cellphone shut off.
    Do not bring any food with you. Get there earlier. Look the interviewer in the eye.

    Don't study. Be yourself.