How many pinoys in the house?? How many pinoys in the house?? - pg.6 | allnurses

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How many pinoys in the house?? - page 7

Just curious how many pinoys are on Please post to this message and please say where you're from and where you are now, if you're studying or already a nurse. And any other info... Read More

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    feverish here from CEBU!!!!!! new RN!!!!
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    can we add where we work as well?!!

    well, i'm jobless @ the moment so....

    next poster pls....
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    a 2nd courser here.. on my 3rd year level as a student nurse. MABUHAY
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    Hi.. I'm a new grad. from muntinlupa.. (outside! hehehe) Hopefully will pass the NLE then work in MMC.... My alma mater!!!!
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    Hi, i'm from Olongapo City in Zambales... HAppy to see that there are many pinoy nurses here..:spin:

    i just graduated this march, just took the local boards and hopefully pass that local NLE. currently looking for a good review center for the NCLEX and for seminars and training scheds to refresh my memory. hehe..

    sige, ingat parati angd GOdBless all!