Help!! What is the good review center for NCLEX?

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    My application was approved by the Florida Boards, Im waiting for their approval letter so I can schedule an exam already. Im planning to take it on May, I just want to ask what do you think is the best review center for nclex here in the Philippines?

    Kindly help me guys! Thank you!

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    I did Kaplan!
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    Hi stylish gurl. hmmm you filipina right?pm me lets talk )) hehe
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    Darn im

    not subscribed to private messaging how come
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    Quote from kyliez
    Darn im

    not subscribed to private messaging how come

    First, you need to verify the email address that you signed up with. Then you need a minimum of 15 quality posts (not "me too" posts) before being able to send/receive private messages. This is to prevent spammers from accessing the forums.
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    Same here, I enrolled in Kaplan. But their review program is not the spoonfeeding type. Its a self-paced review, so you have to manage your own time.
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    hii kylie sorry i just read your message today i was busy studying for the exam. Im still here in the Philippines, i already got my ATT but i haven't scheduled my exam yet, maybe i'll schedule it on June 4. where can i contact you? email, viber, skype, tango whichever lol.
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    Quote from kyliez
    Darn im

    not subscribed to private messaging how come
    I cant message you here. I added you on fb. Is pearson vue trick really works?
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    hi there! any review center will do... it's more of your diligence to study... by the way... i took mine without any review center... what helped me is saunders nclex review book..

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    review centers are just reinforcement. self discipline when having your review is really needed. goodluck!

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