Have you heard of Private Duty Nurses in St. Luke's Global City? - page 6

I caught wind about this group that is hiring experienced nurses to work privately inside the hospital. You know...for the exclusively rich and/or critical patients who wants one-on-one care. Can anybody please tell me if this is... Read More

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    Do they have a contract? ty

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    hi castaRN,
    im interested with this PDN thing. kindly send me details. thank you thank you...
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    hi! i'm wondering how are you guys? are you all working as PDN in st lukes? is it all worth it?
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    Quote from sparklingstars_10
    hi! i'm wondering how are you guys? are you all working as PDN in st lukes? is it all worth it?
    Yup...you could say that.... its all worth it... and then some!

    We are doing just about the same kinda job we used to do in the ICU and get PAID for dioin so. Unlike when we were staff nurses... we get "allowances" if u know what I mean.

    Plus we get to meet "BIG" people... from Politicians, celebrties, as well as Notorious personalities...

    Get to travel at times with them....Australia, Guam, Singapore, etc... all expenses paid. The sick needs their nurse with them right?

    We are at the fore front of Private Duty Nursing. ALL Professionals. No caregivers or undergrads... Just pure critical nursing....

    If u are that... I suggest u apply...if not.... gain experience... then apply again. Good luck!
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    that's nice, that's how nurses should be in the phil. we should be paid big bucks for our work and not settle for a few thousand of pesos. that's one reason why I dont want to work here in our country as a RN, coz my monthly allowance from my parents is bigger than what I could earn in a hosp. its frustrating for us nurses to have a decent salary in exchange of our hard job here in the phil so I think we should do something to ask the govt increase nurses' salary

    I'm just a fresh graduate of batch 2010 but I'm about to migrate to CA as of now. I'll try to work there first and gain some experience in critical care, then maybe someday come back here in the phil when I get tired of working there. I would definitely consider staying here in our country if ever I would be given a chance to work as a PDN in st. lukes too, if not, then back to CA I am

    I really hope all the hospitals would increase nurses' salary here in the phil, so Filipinos wouldn't have to go else where just to earn money

    well good luck to you guys, and I hope someday I could be one your colleagues there in st. lukes as a PDN too
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    Hi Casta Rn, Im also new here. I alreadu have working experiene in a tertiary hosp. Here in mnila and currently direct hire as a Pdn reliever to a client from slmc- global. I just want to know where to apply as pdn of slmc? because i want to work full time and not just a reliever

    Thank u for the info.
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    so, only experienced nurses have the chance to become a PDN @ St. Luke's? That's too bad. I'm a fresh grad myself and is currently having trouble finding a job. I was hoping that I could get a job as a PDN....
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    i dont think our group accepts fresh grad... I am sorry. I heard 1 of them said... they wish to get into Private Duty Nursing as a stepping stone to gain experience and enter hospital staff nursing. I'm sorry... its the other way around--- get your staff nursing experience ....AND THEN you apply as a PDN. Higher pay = PDN. So wc is the stepping stone?
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    @ BagwisRN.

    Thanks for the info...I was about to go to St. Luke's to inquire but reading your message made me realize that even if I go there, it would be a wasted effort since they're not accepting fresh grad.
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    may i know your agency...maybe i can apply there as a pdn...thanks

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