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I caught wind about this group that is hiring experienced nurses to work privately inside the hospital. You know...for the exclusively rich and/or critical patients who wants one-on-one care. Can anybody please tell me if this is... Read More

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    hello! who know's how to apply as a PDN in St. Luke's. can please pm me the info about PDN, where can I apply?I'm really interested.. thanks

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    Quote from khaye_rn
    Hi! Im also interested to apply as a pdn... can you possible share their contact number, and the requirements as well? thanks you so much! i hope to hear from you soon... godbless!

    I will. As long as i could PM you na...tnx
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    Quote from sophia_blink
    hello! who know's how to apply as a PDN in St. Luke's. can please pm me the info about PDN, where can I apply?I'm really interested.. thanks

    the best way to know the PDN contact number for SLMC is to call their NSO and ask for the number of their President. They'll be glad to help unemployed nurses.
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    Quote from sugarplum18RN
    CastaRN, how about for RNs like me who hasn't got experience in any hospital after graduating and passing the PNLE? As you know, the backer system in the country sucks. Not to mention that not so many hospitals are hiring or even accepting volunteers. Will they train me too? I'd like to apply and try my luck. Please respond. Thanks!
    Sorry sugar plum....this is kinda one place you can't learn on the job. You gotta have experience when you get into sumthin like this coz your gonna be alone. You'll call the shots and your patients will highly depend on you. Monitoring Q30min for critical patients is normal. There is nobody to turn to for help...either you know what to do or u dont...sorry..
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Guys can I please remind you all that only posts in English are allowed as per terms of service.

    Please do not post contact names or numbers but exchange theme via the pm system. You are able to access the pm system to send a pm once you have 15 or more posts, you can however read any pms that are sent to you if you have less than 15 posts you just can not reply to them

    Ok,, no worries, tnx
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    I CANT pm YOU YET! So it means I cant give you their contact nos. I tell you what, being an ICU nurse is a plus. But your drawback is that you didnt come from SLMC but from the province.

    Still, try it. Get their contact nos when you call trunkline of St. Lukes, connect to NSO, then ask them who to talk to when applying for a PDN position. They'll be sure to giv u the nos. to call coz they dont have an opening for staff position.

    Good luck!
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    Just do the same pls...call St Lukes trunkline...connect to NSO, then ask about PDN contact nos.

    Good luck God bless!
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    Hiring of PDNs will soon end at St Luke's Global City. They are finalizing the list of applicants na for re-training. For those interested to still practice their Nursing career here in the Philippines and still earn as much as 40-50K/month easily...I highly advice you give this a chance and yoiu wont regret it.
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    Hiring for SLMC PDN will rap up at the End of September. All those who still want to join like me...PM me ok? I hope they will extend their hiring deadline to October....I still got friends who's about to resign ICU and join PDN. It's sooooo worth it!! See u guys!
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    what are the requirements for PDN at st.lukes global city? and the qualifications?? reply pls..tnx.. and until when is the submission?

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