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I'm new to this bulletin board and I hope I can post some interesting thoughts for our nursing discussions. Something I've been thinking about recently is Filipino nurses. I've recently been the only non-Filipino on staff on the... Read More

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    Quote from NannaNurse
    For the most part I don't have a problem with Fillipino nurses. My unit is now mostly Fillipino and some Americans are married to Fillipino. I'm sorry but I find it offensive to be sitting at the nurses station and have most of the nurses there speaking 'their' language. What does this look like to the many visitors who walk by?? Most of our patients are older and most of our older males are veterans and have bad memories of the war. We usually have some that ask to have an 'American' nurse who can speak english. That is their right and I understand. I just don't like having to go to all other nurses rooms and 'translate' to the patients what they are trying to tell the patients.
    Someone else stated that they can be bossy.........I agree. They are afforded benefits that other nurses are not given....why??
    Instead of spending so much money on importing nurses and paying their way once here, invest in more schools here. I know I will be 'blasted' for my views, but you asked the question and this is how I feel. I'll not apologize for my feelings.

    You shouldn't be blasted because there are a lot of people who share the same opinion. It would be nice if there were enough Americans who were able to be educated (look at the long waiting lists) to take these jobs, but unfortunately there aren't.

    For the record, the Phillipines was in American possession during the war, they were our allies we died and fought for the liberation of the Phillipines and liberated them from Japan (after Japan drove us out, we made it a priority to liberate them). Veterans should not have a problem with Filipino nurses. When they ask for an American nurse you should educate them and remind them of this. The Phillipines and America were very close back then.

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    oh my god

    you people scare me. i work in an extremely diverse environment, with nurses from portugal, new zealand, ethiopia, eritrea, [color=#0f0b7f]côte d’ivoire, canada, nigeria, china, vietnam, korea, the philippines, england, denmark, and many more that i can't think of off the top of my head. they all have native languages, cultures, etc. it is great! we serve a very diverse patient population, and it is wonderful having nurses who may speak the language of a non-english speaking patient, it is great to learn about other parts of the world.
    [color=#0f0b7f]i love learning words in different languages. every year in early november, i go to every single staff member i can find, and ask what languages they speak, then write out and put up a mammoth collage that covers a wall of the phrases merry christmas, happy holidays, happy hannukah, happy new years and seasons greetings in each of the languages i get. every year we are all amazed at the huge number of languages present. patients and visitors get excited when they are wheeled past the nurses station and see their native lanugage on the wall. we put the language's name below the messages, so people can learn the phrases and know what language they are seeing. it is awesome, and it brings people together in some small way.
    [color=#0f0b7f]face it----the population of this country is continually changing. there will very soon be more brown faces than white ones. (i, for one, am thrilled. although i am a blue-eyed blonde haired caucasian, my children will be biracial. they are the wave of the future).

    we occasionally have patients request a 'white' nurse or a nurse who is not a 'foreigner'. they get to have a talk with our nurse manager, they don't get to pick and choose their nurses, either by race, nationality or gender. stupid, stupid, stupid.

    we have nurses and staff speaking in a multitude of languages, which is fine. for those of you who have no clue, there is no official language in this country!!! you may think it is english, but that is just what you get for thinking. this country was founded for people from other countries to come to as a religious and societal refuge where they would be free to live their lives. so when did it become a requirement that they lose their culture the moment they step ashore and speak only english and eat only hot dogs and apple pie?

    "give me your tired, your poor,
    your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    i lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    this is the poem on the statue of liberty. thnk about it.

    there will always be immigrants coming to the us. your family immigrated here, why do you think you can draw a line and say no, these are immigrants, i am an american, i deserve more. stop blaming immigrants for your issues. if you happen to have these huge issues with people in the us from other countries, perhaps it is not a good idea to live in one of the us states with the highest numbers of foreign born people. namely, texas, california, new york, etc. move.

    and, lets just stop stereotyping. not all filipino/filipina nurses are pushovers or bossy or meek, etc. and saying or assumming they are is just plain ignorant.
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    "FOr those of you who have no clue, THERE IS NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE IN THIS COUNTRY!!! You may think it is English, but that is just what you get for thinking."

    No, but 300 million people speak it here. Last time I checked it was the language of choice for education and business here. That may be changing though.

    BTW, this thread is 4 years old. The people of "you people" may not be reading this website anymore.
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    thank everyone for their responses. I am what i consider Asian American (not oriental american hahha!!) Born in the USA of Filipino parents, but bilingual or I guess trilingual. I do speak tagalog, ilocano (a philippine regional dialect) and english equally fluent. I for one, love the fact that i have 2 cultures which I love equally the same.

    I do find it offensive to be called oriental, for "oriental" refers to things not person. I even find it more offensive when I am called "that chinese girl" by collegues and even patients. China and the Philippines are two different countries :chuckle and I don't even look chinese! The USA is a more diversed world and its only gonna get more so, people need to realize this and not to, I think is pure ignorance. Seminars and inserices are available on cultural diversity and everyone should attend.

    As of talking Tagalog in front of other people, I always make it a point not to. Esp. in front of pts and families. I do let my coworkers know that this is impolite and offensive. Some filipinos speak it so naturally that they don't even mean to do it. And it needs to be brought to their attention POLITELY. I think it should also be mentioned during general oreintation or during staff interviews that this should be something to avoid.

    I believe that the reason why they speak tagalog is... Filipinos feel more at home this way, this still doesn't make it right but just think that some of these nurses have uprooted themselves from their homeland and have left their families behind. Filipinos are known to work their butts off, prolly more than 60 hours per week just to keep from feeling homesick not being sentimental but simple things like this makes them feel at home. Try not to be paranoid , it is not in our nature to talk about YOU in our native tongue. All I can say is, if its offensive, let them know... just do it politely, i am sure they would understand.
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    Quote from Tweety
    "FOr those of you who have no clue, THERE IS NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE IN THIS COUNTRY!!! You may think it is English, but that is just what you get for thinking."

    No, but 300 million people speak it here. Last time I checked it was the language of choice for education and business here. That may be changing though.
    so if your friends decide to jump off a bridge, I guess I know where to look for you

    Just because a bunch of people do something a certain way doesn't automatically mean that every other way is wrong

    And, as of 2003, per the website, there were 33.5million foreign-born people living in the US (not including any who are institutionalized). That is a big chunk of people. And, by 2050, the white/non-hispanic community will make up only 50% of the population, and will no longer be in the majority. Its called a melting pot.
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    Quote from Teshiee
    I agree with the cultural diversity course. Many people assume something about an ethnic group and all hell breaks loose. I say at least be on the up and up. I know respect is diverse in its own way. I am a Negro and I personally don't have a problem with anyone of any culture accept ignorant, trifling, individuals and those transcend all ethnic groups. I will give anyone a chance I look at their character not their ethncity. Working in California I have to say I love the diversity. Pot lucks are really special we bring our heritage and stories to the table. I love it.

    Did you really just say that you are a Negro? Are you American?
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    Quote from r_janice
    I do agree with this statement. Im the secretary for the nursing supervisors of a psychiatric institution, and all three shift supervisors are Philipino. The 7-3 supervisor is not only bossy but an extreme control freak.

    Just wanted to add alittle of my opinion to your opinion.

    Can't people in any group be bossy?
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    Quote from SeekingNur
    Can't people in any group be bossy?

    my point exactly

    lets not just throw out stereotypes and try to pigeonhole people.
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    We all have our opinions and THAT is what makes this great country great. Without it, we might as well pack up and find another place to live............We all have a right to say what we feel and what we think. Yes, this is the great melting pot of the world, but there are still alot of people who just don't like others who come into this country and act like we owe the world to them.....some of these people I work with do.

    I know that we worked closely with the Philippean gov't......but to our older folks, "Asias are Asians" as one of my patients put it.

    Some of you are so narrow minded that you can't appreciate the thoughts and opinions of others..........'shame on us????'...........SHAME ON YOU!!
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    Personally, I'll rag on the foreigners for their poor English once the Americans start speaking properly as well.

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