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Hi everyone! :wavey: I'm planning to apply in SLMC-e.rod, though I heard that they will start the hiring process this coming September.. Do you have any idea on how many exams and interviews you will... Read More

  1. by   arglen_rn
    @Eosinophil - My board rating is 80. The only differences my friend and I have are 1) he is done with his iv training while i will have it on nov 18 and 2) he came from a university while i came from a college. I hope they don't discriminate.

    I'm still hoping that they will contact me someday because there are instances wherein those who applied in groups have the half of them being contacted first then the other half contacted the week after. If not, I will drop another application on the pigeonbox after my IV training and see what will happen.
  2. by   burbeestar
    G'luck abby0411! Wishin' you success in the screening process! Let us know your experiences, alright?
  3. by   kenjin
    me too I'm still hoping for a text message from them.. it has been two weeks now since I passed my documents in the pigeon box..

    Burbeestar and invisible, can you give us some insights about what nurse exam do they give after the IQ exam? and about the practical exam? is it like perineal care, suctioning or physical assessment type? Please help us... thank you so much....and God bless
  4. by   lana_08
    hi! will they accept applications this december? i hope they do.. and like what nursing procedures are being assessed in the skills validation test? share please???? thanks!
  5. by   bettyboop09
    they require a board rating of 80% and above.
  6. by   arglen_rn
    Quote from griffin_girl
    i think they are also particular in general weighted average and in class ranking, because i do have a friend who received a text from st.lukes around 3-4weeks after she pass her application, as far as i know her board rating is below 80 but i know her gwa high and i think she belong in the top 20 of our school, this is just my observation, i dont have any intentions to lower your hope guys, now she's in to step 2 in the screening, i really do hope she can make it there, because i think she deserved it also
    I got a decent gwa and I managed to be in the top 10 of our batch but still, I don't receive any messages. Anyways, I'm still hoping they will contact me and they are just doing it by batch. I hope positive thinking helps. LOL.
  7. by   official02
    I passed my requirements yesterday. This is an excerpt of what is written on their bulletin board and on the pigeon box...

    3rd Paragraph:

    As such, we have the following criteria and requirements for you to fulfill and submit as a complete set to allow us to do Initial Screening of each applicant:

    - Resume with 2 pcs. 2x2 pictures, with white background
    - Valid PRC license
    - Board Rating of AT LEAST 80%
    - General Weighted Average of AT LEAST 2.0 or its equivalent
    - Transcript of Records
    - Class Ranking
    - Birth Certificate
    - NBI Clearance

    Photocopies only. Submit in a long clear plastic envelope at the Pigeonbox 5F, Annex 2


    I think there's a reason for requiring such and inserting the words "at least" on Board rating and GWA. Clearly, it is their criteria...

    And reading through this again, I made a mistake. I passed my requirement in a brown envelope not in plastic envelope. Grr! What should I do?
  8. by   official02
    I think SLMC kept their JCI accreditation. They were all happy and enthusiastic yesterday. I hear most them saying "Congratulations!" to each other. I am just not sure...
  9. by   kenjin
    so they are still accepting applicants?
  10. by   cheesecurls
    hopefully they maintained the jci accreditation , and are already done with the busy work so that are pending applications will get noticed.
  11. by   judeamaria
    Quote from arglen_rn
    I dropped my application at the pigeon box 2-3 weeks ago with my friend, then today my friend got a text message that he is scheduled for an exam tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn't receive such message. Anyone can answer why is this so? I'm kinda worried about it and a little bit saddened.
    check with the DCA, call them or go there personally to follow up your application...
  12. by   forumjunkie
    what are the topics in the skills exam?
  13. by   burbeestar
    Expect BASIC NURSING PROCEDURES in the Skills Validation Interview. Usual procedures are as follows:

    - Gastric gavage/lavage
    - Suctioning
    - Catheterization
    - Enema
    - Wound Care
    - Blood transfusion
    - Perineal care
    - Medication Administration
    - Starting/Discontinuing IV
    - Bedmaking
    - Others

    Good luck on your screening! Pray hard and let the Lord reveal His will for you!