Employment process at The Medical City (Ortigas Ave.)

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    Hi guys! My application for Medical City is in progress. I'm scheduled for an examination next week.

    Anyone here who has passed the exam/s and interviews for Medical City? What is the exam like?
    Any particular topics I need to focus on?
    Is it true it has enumeration and identification items?

    How many interviews will i expect after passing the exam?
    Do they have panel interviews?

    I really want to work at Medical City so I need all the tips and help I can get apart from my studying and preparations.

    I would appreciate any tips and help from you guys.

    Thanks in advance!
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    are you june 2008 passer?

    im interested to apply there, but i still don't have my license card and board certificate...because of the long process in prc

    can i apply?
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    i had the training and up to now, after roughly 4 months, nothing has happened yet...ok let me share with you my experience.

    1st, you have to take the exam. The exam is a 100 point exam. 1st part is multiple choice, 2nd is identification/fill in the blanks/enumeration, 3rd is computation, 4th is matching type all about medication, and the last part is writing skills (a test for your writing legibility -10POINTS so make sure you do write good before taking this exam)

    TIP: the passing score is 75 points. Yes! It is high and the test itself is VERY VERY DIFFICULT. If I were you, I will review all the things on the funda, well, if it is too much on your part, then you may try your luck.

    After having passed the exam in the morning, personality, psychological, IQ test, and computer exams will be given in the afternoon. If I am not mistaken, during that time, we started the test at around 9am, then finished at around 12, then the releasing of the result was around 2pm then followed by those exams. EVerything is under time pressure.

    Ok, that was December then the day after, the initial interview has been scheduled. Yep, the initial interview already. Fast paced? well you'll find out!

    In the initial interview, don't worry that much. Only the HR department will interview you. The questions will relatively be all about yourself, your relationship with your family, some family backgrounds as well and stuffs like that. Nothing technical so you need not to worry that much. Just make sure you bring those perfect grammar and good diction and surely you won't experience any difficulty.

    After the initial interview, the final interview will be a week after that...yes, very fast? well...

    in the final interview, the one who will conduct this is Sir Ronne Abeleda, well at least in our case. He is the manager of the Nursing Training Department of the Medical City. Well, at first sight, you'll surely feel some intimidation specially with the blazer thing but rest assured, he is really kind. In the final interview, everything is technical. It is a small case presentation so you might as well be prepared in discussing a case that will be given to you. In can be as simple as dengue hemorrhagic fever or as complicated by cancer etc.

    now that everything is done...this is the moment. That was December. Then, the next message i have received was on February 2. You will be called to discuss all the requirements necessary for your training including your medical exam, sss, etc. We were given 1 month to accomplish that. So I passed my requirements on late February. And of course, don't forget the payment for the training (I actually have forgotten the fee but it should range from 1200 to 1500) Then I was scheduled for the training on April 1.

    The training will start with 2 weeks of lectures and trainings including IV therapy, BLS, return demo of nursing procedures, etc. Then after that will be tha immersion of the floors.

    The training ended last May 16.

    and that's it...the longggg wait will start...not unless, of course, if you have your internal fixers "the backers"...goodluck!

    and by the way, I am from the 3rd batch of NTAP or Nursing Training Adaptive Program. When you get to passed the exam, you will be grouped into batches and the hiring will depend on the batch you're from. Of course, the earlier batch you are in, the earlier you'll possibly get hired. But of course, don't forget the "BACKERS"!
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    I see.. so the process with getting into the training is relatively a short wait but waiting for you to get hired will take a long time..

    I just submitted my requirements last Saturday, how long does it usually take for them to contact you to take the exam?
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    i passed my complete requirements on Oct last year, right after I obtained my certificate of passing. Then they called me for the exam on december so, if you'll count the wait, it is roughly around 2 months. But if you have someone internally connected to it, it will only take days for them to process your application. I even have a batchmate who doesn't have a license yet and has just freshly passed the board, but then, she has already been hired. and by the way, Schools and grades don't matter that much in an institution like this. don't expect past processing just because of such things...hehe...anyway, goodluck on your waiting.

    if you want to have a similar or even better hospital exposure, might as well try passing requirements on st luke's medical center global city. I heard they are under massive hiring right now.
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    hi guys what are the requirements in Medical City? My wife recently passed the June 2008 Board exam whats the process thanks?
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    hi! i'm submitted my resume via the dropbox at medical city last june and I haven't heard from them. i'm planning to submit my resume again. should i submit it via the dropbox again or should i leave it somewhere else? thanks!
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    i suggest you pass it again via the drop box. I don't know how they choose who to call but I just passed my complete requirements at the drop box just in front of the guard.
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    Quote from mikes511
    hi guys what are the requirements in Medical City? My wife recently passed the June 2008 Board exam whats the process thanks?
    if my memory serves me right, after inquiring at the HR department, they will give you a list of basic requirements that you should include in the envelope that you are going to submit in the drop box located at the guard's post. The requirements include updated resume, transcrip of record, PRC passing and board rating certificate, license photocopy, nbi clearance photocopy, diploma, & a photocopy of your birth certificate. That's pretty much it, additional requirements will be asked right after you pass the final interview. As to the process, read my post above.
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    any one can help me what is the coverage of medical city entrance examination for traines?

    what i mean is what is the most topic that i need to discuss and need to enumerate.. im getting nervous because medical city called us to exam tom. and i know it is late to post this question but im really trying to get some hint.. eventhough the time is not enough for me to know.. godbless us!!

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