Will old program marks effect my chances?

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    I took an unrelated program at my college years ago and didn't go to class (long story). Iv grown up alot know gone to University getting high

    Grades now and Iv totally changed with my attitudes towards school. I'm getting my Chemistry now doing very well and going into Pre-nursing in September.

    Will they hold my grades from years ago in a totally unrelated program against me even if I do very well in Pre-nursing?

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    I would think so, as long as they are on your transcript, they would included in your GPA.
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    are you doing pre health in seneca?
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    Quote from prenursingbabydoll
    are you doing pre health in seneca?
    No I'm not lol
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    Quote from livRN2012
    I would think so, as long as they are on your transcript, they would included in your GPA.
    Ugh I hope not those classes have nothing to do with nursing. I'll have to ask the college I guess.
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    actually I was in a similar situation as you. My grades in my first program (health management) were not so good, but when i switched programs into something unrelated to nursing (art), I had decent grades. They weren't amazing but they were pretty good and I did amazing in my pre-nursing courses. And yes, i got into a nursing program. So in the end, they look at your cumulative GPA, your pre-nursing courses, and the GPA in your most recent courses.....and it may depend on the school you apply to.
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    Your nursing pre-reqs are an opportunity to pull up your GPA, and they will carry more weight than those older courses. They will affect your chances, but not to the extent that your performance in your pre-reqs does.
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    Depends on the school - I took nursing and failed the first time around. When I reapplied - my old marks didn't seem to tarnish me or bring me down. I applied to 5 schools and 4 accepted me Good luck OP!

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