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Just want to get an idea of where everyone is located, and where they went for their nursing education! I'll start: 1. Vancouver, BC 2. BCIT (starting soon ... jan06)... Read More

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    How neat! Please, CanadianNurseAbroad tell us about your experience abroad!
    WOW! You are living part of my dream! I love the US, sometimes wish I was working in Quebec city! But, I am always wondering how it would be to work in Ireland, Scotland, even Switzerland!Not that I ever went there. It's just a wonder?:typing
    How are the working conditions there?
    Life is good here in NY state and we are very independent in the ICU. The pay is not bad, higher than in Canada, lower than California... But, I still dream about coming home to my Québec!
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    I'm from Vancouver, BC. I went to Trinity Western University and graduated in 2000.
    Welcome Nurse Jules....I just found this site too....isn't it great? How are you enjoying nursing thus far??
    PS. My nick name is Jules too
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    Northern Ontario

    Graduated 1993 Diploma RN

    Graduated 2002 BScN

    Worked in a variety of settings. Currently, ICU and ER.

    Welcome everyone from Canada and the world...
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    hi, I work in @ VGH and Surrey Memorial, I live in Vancouver and love nursing!
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    From Calgary, Alberta; Got my degree from the University of Calgary
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    I have been in southeastern Kentucky for the past 19+ years. My RN diploma is from the Sherbrooke Hospital in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Class of '71. I also have a diploma in Outpost Nursing from Dalhausie University in Halifax, NS. Class of '83.
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    Toronto, Ontario.
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    hello fellow Canadians!

    Graduated from University of Victoria in November 2004 through the Langara Collaborative Program! Worked at VGH for 8 months, and now I am living and working in San Francisco in L&D!!! LOVING IT HERE!!!!!!! will most likely move back to vancouver after 2 years work experience here, and find a job at BC Womens!! CHEERS!
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    Coming..brand new to allnurses, from the snow bound Bruce Peninsula, Trained a long time ago in Woodstock (pre college days).

    Have a safe day!
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    Trained in New Brunswick, now live in Maine for almost 8 years.

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