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-I'm 24, and currently working as an RPN in Ontario (2012 grad) -Single, no children and currently living at home with my parents -Prior to enrolling in the RPN program, I took a couple semesters... Read More

  1. by   Fiona59
    Be thankful you have these options. Out west we only have Athabasca or applying to the local university and getting lminimal credits.
  2. by   studentbecominganurs
    id say start working for a bit until you have some debt paid off and then start. You're only 24. I'm 27 and I just graduated as an RN.
    I've heard stories from friends about wanting to pay off their OSAP loan (from their undergrad and second degree) and all I can say that it is not looking good for them. Yes, it's important to get your RN degree but it can wait. Plus you have no kids so there's no rush. I do understand that ideally you'd like to do it now since you have no kids. But would you want to accumulate that debt? Honestly I am so lucky that after I graduated from my undergrad BSc degree (paid for by my parents), I worked for 2 years saving enough money before I went back for a 2nd degree in Nursing BscN. Yes, I delayed a few years but I have NO STUDENT LOANS. I am proud to say that I am DEBT free but I am also very thankful that my parents paid for my first degree. I paid for my second degree with all the money that I saved up!!!
  3. by   Insomniac-88
    Quote from Daisy_08
    Okay yes! I'm getting pumped for you! Here's a link https://ce-online.ryerson.ca/ce/default.aspx?id=3195

    And there starting one out of Joseph Brant in sept
    Thanks, looking into it now!