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The owners of private LTC facilities are paying upto 30% less than they are provincially funded for. So where is the money going? Certainly not the LPNs, NAs, and other staff who keep these for profit facilites going. Is... Read More

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    I would really like to move her and at least try somewhere else. But she would rather be close to us - my Mom has a history of people she loves leaving her so she wants desperately to be somewhere that my sister and I can get to regularly. The really scary thing is I have a friend who is a Director of Care at another LTC facility here, and she tells me that this particular one actually has a good reputation?? - which then makes me wonder what the other ones are like...... Tonight she called my sister and asked her to bring her something to eat because she couldn't face the fish for dinner. I shudder to think what the staff does when we aren't around. I actually walked into her room one Wednesday morning and there was staff at the door to the bathroom in her room (Mom can't use the BR because it is an older room and the lift will not fit) with the door ajar and talking. I walked in and the one staff member said "She isn't here, she's at church". I said fine, I'd wait. Threw my purse on the bed and clicked on the TV. The one staff member,when she realized I wasn't leaving looked at me and said "We are trying on uniforms to see if we want to buy them." So they were using my Mom's bathroom as a fitting room. I asked "Don't you have a staff bathroom you can use?" And she replied that they did but it was being cleaned, and that "we only came in here because she isn't here." I was furious and they knew it. I went to the Director of Care and said that the only place she has to call her own is that room and what the hell else are they doing in her room while she was out of it? Would they like someone helping themselves to their home while they were out? Mom did get an apology but it should never have happened. I have overheard the staff refer to me as "the ****** nurse daughter" and I don't care. This is my Mom and I will not ignore things.

    Yes, it is a hell hole and I have tried to convince my Mom to move, but she keeps insisting she wants to be close to us. Breaks my heart but I do feel like I must respect her right to choose. She had no choice about going into LTC, and to her being further away from us is worse than putting up with the facility.

    I have file many complaints with the facility and my sister is in the process of doing a letter to the Minister for Seniors. I must admit, I have given some serious consideration to contacting the media. Anything to make things better for Mom and the other residents.

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    Just shouldn't happen in LTC. I work in LTC here in NS and we have a long queue waiting of people waiting to come to us, the company has several facilities which are the same all over the maritimes. We are small and offer single rooms in small communities and everyone loves it
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    Some small communities here are losing their LTC centres. Residents are being forced to move away from the community they have lived in all their lives to a place where they may not know anyone or where family might not be able to get to for a visit. Disgraceful I think.

    And as for single rooms, well, in my Mom's facilty they recently turned a number of private roomes into semi-privates "on a temporary basis". So they are trying to cram more people than ever into these facilities. But that is another one of my pet peeves.....
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    It's totally inexcusable for workers to be paid less because they work for a private facility. I can see this continuing, and I'm glad they picketed.
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    That's just it, the private corporations have never accounted for the unpaid money. They are getting funded at AHS hourly wage rates and the staff are getting up to 30% less. Where did the money go?

    Oh, wait they have to pay upkeep on the grounds and make a profit.

    I know people have to work to live but why would you accept a job at a place that paid so much less?
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    Recently, someone at work mentioned that there was news of CEO's at AHS who were fired due to large expense accounts. That's where the money goes...into the wallets of CEO's. While the workers struggle to make ends meet and break their backs doing so. Nursing is going to revolt if this continues. At the moment, we don't have the upper hand, but someday this will change.
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    Quote from itsmejuli
    I lived and woked in the States for many, many years. Trust me, private doesn't equate to better quality.
    Not to barge into the discussion here, but the above is true, and it's also true that it is rare that anyone's healthcare is paid for without a third-party payer of some sort, and there is no accountability built into our system at present.

    There are those who advocate for a widespread incentive system in the form of varying premiums based on documented lifestyle improvements, or maintenance of same, but I'll go ahead and predict it will never happen.

    It surprises me that Canada is even considering this, to be honest.
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