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Well, I lost my job and health insurance and I'm pregnant. My husband says just go to Canada to have the baby, healthcare is free and the baby will be a dual citizen...we'll go rent a cabin for a couple of months... Is it... Read More

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    Quote from Myxel67
    Don't forget you'll need a passport to travel to Canada now
    Actually that's not true. Canada hasn't imposed any restrictions like that on US citizens crossing the border into Canada. The usual ID is still accepted. It's only we Canadians wishing to fly into the US who require a passport. At the moment people entering the US from Canada by road or sea are still admitted with a Canadian birth certificate and driver's license.

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    Since MM seems to have lost interest in this thread, I am going to close it down again. If she wants it re-opened, she can PM me or another moderator.

    I think everything that needs to be said has been said, and I appreciate the restraint most of the posters have shown re. this very hot-button topic. Thank you!

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