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Hello, Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process? Thanks :nurse:... Read More

  1. by   halfabloc
    My last name starts with an H... but, see the message I posted above (right after yours). I think there is still a window of time for notifications until next week...
  2. by   39bcgirl
    Hi aintreallynotreally,

    my last name starts with M - what's yours? I am also hoping that they are notifying people in alphabetical order.

    I also checked my account with UBC's student services centre....just a few days ago, the comments in my file said that they are waiting for my final transcripts ( I am currently taking the Human A/P course)....this morning, I checked that the comment changed - it said that my supplemental is currently under review...so things are definitely moving.

    halfabloc- thanks for letting everyone know....you are the second person to write in this allnurses saying they received a confirmation for an interview.
  3. by   tareija
    I'm waiting for a response as well. My last name starts with R, so if they're going in alphabetical order I'll be further down the list than the rest of you.

    I actually got an interview last year, but declined it, as I wasn't going to be prepared to start in September 2009. This year I re-applied, and I'm fully prepared and ready to go for this September. I really hope I got an interview! And yikes, the stress of not knowing is making it very hard to focus on studying!

    Just had to vent, I'm sure the rest of you understand.

    A few people said you're finishing off your A/P course currently. So am I, I'm taking it through Athabasca. Where is everyone else taking this course?

    Fingers crossed, and good luck to all of us!
  4. by   39bcgirl
    Hi Tareija,

    I am also taking my Human A/P through Athabasca....I hope to write the 4th and final exam end of April/or 1st week of May. I tried to register at UBC, but the waitlist was so long so the UBC advisor suggested Athabasca.

    I know exactly how you feel about waiting. I hope we all find out before the Easter Break...then I will know if I should continue my studies at racing speed ( if I get an interview) or slow down and relax a bit

    Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   tareija
    39bcgirl, it sounds like we are in exactly the same boat.

    I actually feel like so many things in my life are on hold, since I do not know if I've made it to the interview stage. For example, I am also looking for work right now. Should I be looking for just a summer job, or should I be looking for full-time permanent employment? I don't know. I also hear you about the course. I'll also be finishing the Athabasca biology course at the end of April, if I know I've got an interview. If I don't, then I can take my time and not complete it for a few more months, because there won't be a deadline looming.

    I must say it's a bit frustrating not to know what's going on. I have a few friends that applied to other, specialized programs at UBC for this September (e.g. social work, and a counselling psychology masters program). For both programs, my friends were finished interviews and knew they'd been accepted in to the program by early March. Maybe nursing takes longer because the class size is larger? Who knows?

    Anyway, good luck on your course! I'm finding so far that the material is not super difficult to comprehend, but that there is a lot of memorization and a big volume of work to get through. How are you finding it?
  6. by   39bcgirl
    hi tareija,

    I am actually enjoying the human a/p course. it's all the memorizing that takes so much time for me. I just have 4 chapters to go, but it feels so slow because of the waiting!!

    I think many of us feel our lives are on hold and we have to make choices at the last minute depending on what our outcomes are after the interview....I find this a bit frustatring, I am keeping optimistic that in the end everything will work out.

    bye for now,
    I have to pick up my kids from school...I will check my email constantly until I get a response from UBC.

    In the meanwhile, everyone out there waiting - think positive!!
  7. by   esurio
    Hi all,

    The excitement begins!

    I have not received an invitation to the interview and my last name starts with "E".

    So if the acceptances are being notified alphabetically I might be be out of luck. My status still indicates that it is "under review".

    I do have a GPA of 94% and thought I did a well considered job of my supplemental application so I still want to keep hoping for a little while longer that maybe they are using some other system beside just alphabetical.

    I did submit my application in the very last moment and I have not completed my A and P requirements either (which I should be working on right now instead of writing this post!).

    Halfabloc, have you completed all your requirements?

    Do you think they might wait for the June 14 final mark deadline before inviting people who don't have their requirements finished?

    I am glad to hear that the process has begun because, either way, the waiting is causing me some anxiety! I will be glad to know one way or the other so to be able to get on with things.

    Congratulations Halfabloc! I am excited for you. Good luck with your interview.

    Hope to hear that more of you have been accepted in the next few days.
  8. by   halfabloc
    Thanks, esurio!

    Regarding my A/P prereq, no I haven't yet finished. My final exam is scheduled for mid-April.

    And I'm sure you will hear about an interview any day now. I know they assign interview dates randomly, so perhaps they send out the invites according to interview date and not surname? Also, they ask those invited to confirm if they will attend by Tuesday April 6, so perhaps they wait for cancellations before they send out the next batch (for scheduling reasons)? I really don't know, but I'm pretty certain they don't send out all the invites in one day so don't worry yet.

    Best of luck!
  9. by   tareija
    Esurio and 39bcgirl, I will think good thoughts for all of us! It does sound like they're sending out invitations over multiple days, so although waiting sucks, I think we can still be positive and hopeful. I think 94% would be a very competitive GPA, mine is certainly not that high!

    Halfabloc, congrats on your interview? You said you received the invitation by email - did you get this information on the UBC student services website as well? I'm wondering if emails and the SSC go out at the same time, or if one happens first (yes, I'm obsessing a bit, I know.)

    Hopefully we'll all know where we stand before the long weekend. However, if not, I am going camping with friends (bringing my biology textbook with me to do work while away, ha!) So I plan to relax and have a few laughs and drinks with friends this weekend regardless of whether I hear back before the weekend or not.

    Good luck y'all.
  10. by   halfabloc
    My SSC application status says that my "supplemental application is currently under review" and nothing more.

    It's furstrating that it's all such a long process...
  11. by   stephunky
    Hey all,
    I just came across this page and thought I would contribute to hopefully ease some anxiety
    I'm pretty sure they don't send out the interview offers alphabetically, but I think the actual scheduled interview date IS alphabetical (if that made sense).
    However, if interviews were offered alphabetically, then it could make more sense... I was offered one on the 28th and my last name starts with a C.
    Hope all goes well for everyone and will be crossing my fingers for you all
  12. by   aintreallynotreally
    I know how you all feel about the "life on hold" thing!! I'm soooo anxious, I must have checked my email 20 times today! haha

    My last name starts with Y so um... HAHA at me for having to wait pretty much the longest if it's alphabetical. good luck to everybody!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   39bcgirl
    Hi All,

    It is now Thursday afternoon...I don't think I will get any notice from UBC by the end of today since it will be the start of the long weekend.

    Thanks for everyone's positve thoughts!

    I will now concentrate on my studies this weekend and enjoy hiding Easter eggs around our house for my kids to find on Sunday. I won't expect to hear anything until Tuesday- at the earliest...

    Happy Easter Everyone.