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Hello, Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process? Thanks :nurse:... Read More

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    hi esurio,

    I also am eager to hear from UBC about the interview! I am also finishing my prerequisites like you. I tried to find someone who could tell me about the MMI but I believe they signed disclosure statements banning them from disscussing it. I will write a post here if I get any news about the interview.

    I am very excited at the thought of being accepted at the UBC school of nursing.....I know it is a very competitive program to get in, so I hope my marks and supplemental were good enough.

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    Last year, students who didn't make it to the interview round were notified on 4/2, and they received their summary/grade distribution report on 4/3.
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    Hi Green Tea,

    Last time I check, UBC school of Nursing website mentioned that the interview this year will be held from April 26-30....I think they had to change the dates from previous years due to the Olympics. how many advance days/weeks did they give the selected candidates notice from the interview date?

    Also, you mentioned, grade/summary report. What is that? Is that the marks they give your supplemental?

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Yea, the summary report tells you your average, supplemental mark, average of those accepted to the interview, and the average supplemental mark for those accepted to the interview. I think only those who didn't get into the interview receives this feedback.

    I think this year's interview dates are pretty similar as last year's; between 26-30 ish. If I remember correctly, when I checked the site really really early, the orginal interview dates set for this yr were some time in March. But because of the olympics, it was pushed back to the same as last year ie April.
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    Hi there!

    I am currently a grade 12 student and I am interested in going to UBC-O nursing program. I heard that the average is about above 80%. What do they mean by that? Is it the overall grade that I have right now (including electives like Media Arts) or just the subjects that they are looking at (Biology 12, English 12, etc)?

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    anyone as anxious as me waiting for a reply from UBC School of Nursing? I can't concentrate on my last few chapters of Human Anatomy and Physiology course! Hopefully they let us know in the next few days..so exciting and scary at the same time playing this waiting game.
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    I received an email yesterday morning notifying me of an interview so they're definitely in the process of letting people know now. Hopefully you've heard back and can rest a little easier...!
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    AHHH lol if you dont mind me asking does your last name start with a letter thats at the beginning of the alphabet?

    I didn't get an email or anything so the only way I can hold on to hope is that they started alphabetically XD

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    Also, I should mention that the admmissions clerk told me at an earlier date that they plan on sending email invites for interviews at the end of March/beginning of April, so don't worry if you haven't heard yet - you will by next week at the latest!
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    My last name starts with an H... but, see the message I posted above (right after yours). I think there is still a window of time for notifications until next week...

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