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Hello, Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process? Thanks :nurse:... Read More

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    Hey everyone,
    I also received an e-mail yesterday (May 11th) saying I was accepted and my interview was on the first day at 10:30am. For those that did not get accepted, he explained in my interview slot that there is no "official" wait list this year but like already explained by somebody else, they rank all those past 120 and as people turn down their offer they move to the next in line. I know if you ask or e-mail them they will give you an idea of how close or far down the list you are.

    Congrats to everyone for making it this far and good luck to those still waiting! See you guys in Sept 2010!

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    Congrats to those who are accepted!! I can't wait to meet all these new faces in September!

    Just a quick question, are we supposed to only sign that response to offer (part of the acceptance email) and return to them by June 15th? I have been checking my status on SSC and I don't see anything new or different...
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    You need to sign both the "response to offer" and "requisite skills and abilities" forms. I think the SSC status changes (so you can officially change faculties) when they receive the 2 mentioned forms.
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    Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone, congrats on hearing about those accepted for this year! I am preparing to apply for Sept 2011 entrance. I just have a quick question, for those that were offered an interview, did you all have hospital experience (volunteer or paid)? I have a lot of experience in the social services field, plus my degree, but I am trying to decide whether or not I should volunteer at this point (as I am working full time and taking Bio pre-reqs, which is giving me little to no extra volunteer time). Thanks very much and good luck when you start in September!
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    Hi lauralaa,

    For myself, my only hospital experience consists of volunteering at the ER of Eagle Ridge Hospital for 3 years. FYI, the supplemental does not specifically ask for hospital experience, but more like leadership experience, working with others, etc, plus a personal statement.

    Good luck!!
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    I had almost a year of paid hospital experience, but I know there were lots of people that did not have hospital experience at my interview. Like cinnamonlatte wrote in the last post, none of the questions are that specific. They are very general so you can present all experiences you have had and what you think fits. I think if you have enough experience with working with others in different situations then you should be fine.

    More volunteer work and hospital experience wouldn't hurt though cause it would show that you have been exposed to nurses and you know what to expect and what the profession entails.
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    Okay, I found out today that I have passed my biology pre-req, so I can announce that I got accepted to UBC too! Woohoo!

    Laura, I don't have any paid experience in hospitals. I did volunteer at St. Paul's for a while, and I do have a lot of other volunteer experience and work experience. As already stated, the questions are pretty general, and my impression was that any experience working with people is helpful. If you get a chance, volunteering in a medical setting would probably be useful though. I found for me it was helpful, not just for the school application, but to find out if I enjoyed being in that setting and working with sick people.

    Good luck!
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    I was thinking today that it might be fun for the students who are starting this September to have a meet up somewhere, and get a chance to meet each other before school starts. Maybe a weekend meetup in a coffee shop somewhere central? Anyone interested?
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    great idea... I live in Ottawa so unfortunately I won't be around until Aug. but if anyone wants to get together then, I would love to meet a few people before classes start in Sept.

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