Travel Nursing Agencies for Practical Nurses

  1. Hi all!

    Has anyone in Canada gone on to pursue travel nursing either domestically or internationally after becoming an LPN/ RPN (Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario)? What are the opportunities like? It seems like there are more opportunities for travel nursing when you're an RN, but are their opportunities for Canadian LPNs/RPNs(ONT) to do this too?

    What agencies are there? What is the pay like, and does anyone have examples of travel nursing assignment they've completed ?

    Thanks all!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    LPN internationally I suspect will be poor as most if not all countries require RN for both nursing and immigration/work permit requirements.

    Canada wise I think there are options but only if well experienced
  4. by   Fiona59
    Honestly, I've never heard of agencies doing this kind of thing. Do you have any idea of the paperwork and cost involved in getting practice permits in several provinces? Currently it's $300 with a rise to $350 per year in Alberta alone. Factor in the cost of obtaining a permit in another province and the cost of applications and notarizations (and the time it can take), it's easier just to move there.

    LPNs can and do go on medical missions but it's usually voluntary. My hospital has staff that go to South and Central America a couple of times a year. It helps if you have the OR or ortho training.
  5. by   Traveller12
    There are quite a few nursing agencies that do hire LPNs. Solutions Staffing in BC hires LPNs for assignments (there aren't as many assignments available as RNs get but they do still exist). They are excellent to work for and offer work in several provinces. They can help you get licenses in the province of your assignment and once you work a certain amount then the cost of your license will be reimbursed. This holds true for all agencies I know. It's usually 8 weeks of work over the year to get the license cost back, which is pretty easy to do. They'll pro-rate it too if you happen to work less than that during the year so you can get at least part of it back. I believe Venture and Bayshore also hire LPNs though there aren't a whack of assignments available. Still worth contacting them and getting on their lists. Most of these assignments will be rural/remote though you do sometimes get ones in hospitals in bigger centres. Good luck.